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Why a Customer Data Platform (CDP) Will Be the Next Evolution of Your Marketing Automation


Data continues to be the absolute bedrock of good email marketing. The role of the ESP had to change to keep pace with the modern digital world, so we moved to Marketing Automation. The evolution didn’t stop there. It is time for a Customer Data Platform (CDP). 

Emarsys CRM Ads makes Ad campaigns personal

With the new Emarsys CRM Ads it is possible to connect purchasing and behavioural data to advertising campaigns in real time. This new CRM Ads feature allows the marketer to use their CRM, purchase, and behavioural data from different channels e.g., mobile, web, email) to use in their advertising campaigns. This way marketers can target their offers and create personalised ads.

Should Relational Database Support Be One of Your Criteria When Choosing an ESP?


If you’re doing an email service provider comparison, you might have noticed ESPs tend to fall into three categories: those for SMBs, the mid market, and the top-tier (or enterprise level) ESPs. Obviously, a Fortune 500 company doing enterprise email marketing wouldn’t use an ESP that exists to serve the corner espresso stand. Nor should […]

Email marketing integration matters… Here is why.


What drives your business? A fundamental question, but often forgotten. Most businesses exist to ultimately generate a profit and sales is the most direct driver of that profit. Yet there is a way to get a higher return from your marketing and sales. Let’s look at the importance of email marketing integration.

Going from an email marketing database to marketing automation


So we’ve got the real-time email marketing database in place, but don’t be fooled to think that’s the whole answer; it’s what you do with the data that sets your marketing automation efforts apart from what others will be doing. Once you know what level of marketing automation you want, it is much easier to […]