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How to select the best Email Workflow Automation tool for your business


An email workflow is a defined sequence of steps and tasks that can be used to automate many different business scenarios. It can save significant time by automating manual or complex tasks and help engage customers who might be otherwise sitting idly in your database. In this article, we’ll try and help you select the […]

Understanding the IBM Marketing Cloud Roadmap

Emarsys CRM Ads makes Ad campaigns personal

With the new Emarsys CRM Ads it is possible to connect purchasing and behavioural data to advertising campaigns in real time. This new CRM Ads feature allows the marketer to use their CRM, purchase, and behavioural data from different channels e.g., mobile, web, email) to use in their advertising campaigns. This way marketers can target their offers and create personalised ads.

6 Things Your Boss Wants to Know Before Buying Marketing Automation


Imagine that you are the boss in a successful e-commerce company. Your sales are OK, but there is room for improvement. Your head of marketing thinks he is a Guru of Email Marketing, and email marketing does work for you, but you want more. You want your business to grow.

The Why and How of Outsourcing Marketing Automation Services


Every business faces challenges with keeping its sales and marketing processes flowing. The right service provider can help address that immediate problem and add corporate value. So it is smart to consider outsourcing marketing automation services. But what can you expect from them and how to get started? Read on to understand how to pick […]

How email marketing automation provides value in the B2B lead process


Most marketers have a good feeling for the area of email marketing and it’s possibilities. Zooming in on the B2B lead process, the possibilities on marketing automation side are less well known and even less often fully utilized. This is a big loss, because automated marketing campaigns are just as important for providing value and […]

The 4 vitals needed for marketing automation infrastructure


The playing field for marketing software has become very confusing over the years. Anyone who has seen infographics of Chiefmartec of the marketing software landscape, will confirm that there is too much choice and it is very hard to assess what types of software best fit the business needs of an organization.

9 Steps to Making a Bullet-Proof Business Case for Marketing Automation


Marketing automation is a proven method for managing and optimizing the entire customer experience. This software can help you measure the metrics that matter most to your business, and demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing team. But how to make the perfect business case for marketing automation?

The SMB Marketing Automation Checklist for Software Selection

smb marketing automation checklist

Despite this growth and popularity of Marketing automation, many businesses are still unable to fully implement it. We’ve distilled the key ingredients for Small to Medium Businesses into a simple SMB Marketing Automation Checklist. You can use it to design your own RFP and save yourself the time, expense and frustration from selecting the wrong […]

8 Best Practices for Purchasing Marketing Automation Technology

purchasing marketing automation technology

When shopping for marketing automation technology, many marketing teams dive into the vendor selection process because they’re trying to fix a big problem in their current process or to set the stage for rapid expansion. But before choosing a marketing solution, it’s important to do more than define the problem or outline the overarching goal.