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Cloud Based Email Relay, On-Premise MTA, or Hybrid What Is Best?

As a high volume email marketer that sends more than a couple of millions of emails per month, you can be concerned about your campaigns or email copy. But there is something just as important – the infrastructure you select to set up your email marketing operations.

How to select a high volume Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)

What is the best solution when choosing a high volume MTA? When selecting a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), it is not just a technical question, it is important to see the differences and features to look for. So, how does a sender select a high volume MTA for their emails? This important question I’ll answer […]

A Low Cost SMTP vs. a Full Featured ESP: Which Should I Choose?

The email marketing world is full of open-ended questions. How should I phrase a subject line? What’s the best time of day to send out an email? What kind of deals are best-received? Serious emailers ask themselves these questions and test to find the answers. But there is another type of question, one that can’t […]

Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) Explained

All email marketing tools make use of an MTA. An MTA is part of the email infrastructure.  A mail server is sometimes called an email relay, mail router or mail server, but it is defined most often as MTA. A Mail Transfer Agent (or Message Transfer Agent). What is an MTA? A Mail Transfer Agent […]
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