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Do recent changes in the ESP landscape benefit clients? IBM, Epsilon, Yes Marketing

The constant evolution of the landscape represents how key email marketing and ESPs are to the martech world. Changes - from where we sit - aren’t always in the best interests of the end users. Let’s look at three of the most recent changes in the enterprise ESP space from the clients’ perspectives.

The future of email marketing & technology through different lenses

What will be the most interesting developments for ESP and marketing software for the coming 3 years and what can the marketer expect to see in the coming year? We interviewed industry experts who allowed us to look through their lens into Future of Email Marketing & Marketing Automation. As Marketing technology transforms itself, we […]

The 5 biggest Unpredictions in 2014 Digital Marketing

All digital marketers can benefit from a clear understanding of what the business areas are that demand their attention. After pondering trends in the digital marketing software, it is time to look into which themes to discard. Some digital marketing developments just won’t put a dent into your online marketing success anytime soon.

The future of email marketing and the email marketing eco system

What can we expect to see in the Future of email marketing? Everybody is eager to know what will be the changes that lie ahead at the junction of email software systems, suppliers, agencies, marketers and of course the client. Our panel of email marketing experts share their thoughts about the trends in email marketing […]

The application layer, the source of email marketing innovation in e-commerce

What’s next in email marketing? What technology does a modern marketer need in the Amazon dominated world of e-commerce? The rules of the game are changing rapidly in e-commerce. The technologies facilitating these changes are disproportionately found in the application layer.

How to craft a future-proof RFP

I have spent the better part of the last 15 years working in the email marketing space, selling technology to world-class companies. During that time I have participated in hundreds of RFPs. I have always been amazed at how some organizations aren’t thinking about the future when considering new vendors. Why is this and how […]

Email marketing software innovation for 2013 and beyond

Marketers should always keep a keen eye out for the opportunities in the ever changing playing field of marketing. Changing customer behaviour requires new tactics to future-proof relationship with your audience. Part of that is making the best use of email marketing software innovation. What innovations can we expect to see from Email service providers in the upcoming […]
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