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Advanced Email Marketing Features You Really Do Need

The market offers plenty of advanced functionality that you should be considering — as long as it’s something you’ll use. Here’s a short list of our favorites to consider, because they are the advanced features that are most likely to give you prompt payback on your investment of money and time.

Tips to Avoid “Shiny New Things Syndrome” When Choosing a New ESP

As email service providers (ESPs) continue to evolve, new, advanced ESP features are continuously being released. However it isn’t funny if these get in the way of making a sound ESP choice because folks get distracted by the shiny things, losing focus on the things that matter.

Teaching Yourself to Fish With Usable Email Analytics Tools

When evaluating email service providers, marketers should also be evaluating the email reporting capabilities of the platform and how well it does—or doesn’t—meet their analytics needs. Analytics are necessary to measure the success of any email program that intends to grow ROI measured in dollars, impressions, reach, eyeballs and engagement. That is why evaluating the […]

Is Your Email Marketing Software a Tool or a Gadget?

Email Service Providers offer a multitude of features such as reporting tools, testing tools, preview functionalities and more integrations than you could possibly need. As an email marketer, you have to ask yourself: “Are these essential for my business?”

Analytics most popular upgrade of Marketing Automation Software

With the latest release of my B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST), I dived into data in search for additional things to share about it. Comparing results over time offers still deeper insight into how vendors react to marketers’ requirements. Finding clever insights on demand is tough, but luckily rolling around in industry data […]

Does your future ESP have split testing magic?

Split Testing. You know you should be doing it all the time, but how often is it actually done? Chances are, that all depends on how easy it is to actually set up and run a split test. ESPs have very different levels of functionality in this field, so finding one which fits your requirements […]

The future of email marketing and the email marketing eco system

What can we expect to see in the Future of email marketing? Everybody is eager to know what will be the changes that lie ahead at the junction of email software systems, suppliers, agencies, marketers and of course the client. Our panel of email marketing experts share their thoughts about the trends in email marketing […]

The application layer, the source of email marketing innovation in e-commerce

What’s next in email marketing? What technology does a modern marketer need in the Amazon dominated world of e-commerce? The rules of the game are changing rapidly in e-commerce. The technologies facilitating these changes are disproportionately found in the application layer.
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