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Changing of ESP? This is how to avoid disaster

There are quite some factors that have an influence on whether a marketer would want to change their ESP. It can be due diligence (such as looking for better pricing) or out of need (such as deliverability problems). In all cases, changing an ESP is something one should care about and be well prepared for.

Email service provider (ESP)

What is an Email Service Provider (ESP)? To marketers, an email service provider (ESP) is a company that offers email services. Because email (marketing) services come in shapes and sizes, that is a pretty broad definition. Luckily, we can break this down into several categories.

Selecting an email services partner: Why ESPs view services as a necessary evil

It’s widely recognized that email marketing teams are under resourced. The result is that many companies still rely partly or entirely on third parties for services, despite software platforms getting easier to use. This makes services an important component of the email marketing vendor selection process.

Is your email marketing vendor reliable?

In today’s networked economy, a suppliers’ hiccup can very well leave you with the broken pieces of missed conversions or – even worse – disappointed clients. But it is hard to get a feel for the reliability of an email marketing service provider when you haven’t worked with them before. Why is the reliability of […]

The total number of email service providers

In many articles about Email Service Providers and how to select email tools, the gigantic number of international ESPs is mentioned. Most often just to give an indication of the size of choice and number of email suppliers in the market. Some say over a hundred, some say more than 200. Some just pick a […]

OMG your RFP is killing me!

What is the nature of RFPs and how to do them best? My friend Mike Rohde had the pleasure to attend the SXSW conference this year and created some brilliant sketchnotes on the topic of how to deal with Requests for proposals.

Email agencies and why the best idea never wins

Guest writer Daniel Flamberg takes a critical look at how a lot of RFP’s are actually run. Showing us how Digital and Email agencies  might operate during a pitch. And especially on how Email agencies often miss the mark on an RFP and blow it.

ExactTarget goes to the stock market

ExactTarget, one of the larger players in email marketing is preparing to bring the company onto the Stock Market. As it has filed their S-1 for an IPO (initial public offering) to raise as much as $100 million. This means that we can have a look into ExactTarget’s numbers for this and last year. The […]
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