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5 signs you are getting the Best Email Newsletter Tool

Finding the best email newsletter tool is vital to gaining the most interest in your business easily. Through email marketing your clientele know what’s on offer, what’s new and most importantly – gets them interested. Without interest there is no sale, so if your tools allow you to nail that in the best way possible, […]

Marketing Automation vs. Email Marketing Software: Which Is Right for Your Business?

Although marketing automation solutions are more commonplace today, many marketers are still unsure how they differ from email service providers—and which will serve them better. I can understand why people are confused.

Finding the ROI in Marketing Technology Promises

As the saying goes, “follow the money” and no one can deny the trend of marketing technology investments in both the public and private markets. Investors made huge bets in social media like Facebook and Twitter, marketing automation plays such as Marketo’s acquisition by Adobe and all the other tech acquisitions lately.

Email marketing on the run: Are fully mobile email tools the way of the future?

With the rise of mobile and increased use of mobile in the office, a time will come when a lot of an email marketer’s work will be done “on the run.” Email marketers are getting used to accessing their web applications via mobile and will come to expect the same from their email marketing tools. […]

Will it be email marketing or do you just want to get the email out?

What all Email Service Providers (ESPs) have in common is that they deliver email. Wonderful, I can choose any ESP and get the same result. Wrong! Email marketing has been the online marketing workhorse for a while, but with the ever expanding digital channels you need to make sure your ESP is staying ahead of […]

How Email Marketing Automation can save you time: it’s in the Data

The typical marketing team is super busy. So an Email Service Provider that can save time, is welcomed with open arms. How can Email Marketing Automation help to relieve the time-pressed email marketer? In this series of posts we will answer exactly what features to look for in a real timesaving ESP. Starting off with […]

The future of email marketing software

I had the pleasure of talking to more than 25 email marketing software providers last year. During the compilation of the Email vendor selection guide 2011. Of wihich the 2012 preparations are in full swing.  Some of  these contacts sprung into interesting conversations about email marketing, email tools and life.

Email marketing solutions – the difference between small, mid-market and enterprise

If you’re searching for a right-fit email marketing solution, it is good to know what area of the market you need to look. The earlier you know where to look, the better. Dividing the market is a great way to quickly go from a long to a short list of potential email marketing solutions. It […]
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