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How to know if data in your marketing automation software is secure.

There is a growing concern about data security. Your business needs to keep a close grip on data security now more than ever. In this article, we explain one of the best ways of making sure that happens.

Using Your Email Software to Create a Data-driven Strategy

While marketers are great at collecting massive amounts of data, it is hard to turn this information into effective campaigns. Email marketers are not data analysts, but go tell that to the CMO. They need to crunch numbers in real time to stay competitive. When selecting an ESP, marketers should look for a provider that […]

The Data Dance: Put all That Data to Work for Smarter Marketing

Data. You know you need it — a lot of it. But once you’ve got it, then what? What are you supposed to do with it, and how? And what role does your email vendor play in making all of this happen? If you are taking the first steps or ready to go beyond with […]

Make more out of your email data, look for the right marketing automation tool

When looking for the best email marketing software for your unique needs, it is essential to create a list of features and functionality that you cannot do without. Most modern marketers need an email tool that lets you dig deep into your data and use it to reach out to customers more effectively. Email marketing […]

How Email Marketing Automation can save you time: it’s in the Data

The typical marketing team is super busy. So an Email Service Provider that can save time, is welcomed with open arms. How can Email Marketing Automation help to relieve the time-pressed email marketer? In this series of posts we will answer exactly what features to look for in a real timesaving ESP. Starting off with […]
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