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More Expensive Doesn’t Mean Better When it Comes to Email Service Providers

Trying to pin down the right ESP, can be tough. ESPs makes promises and offer their feature sets at varying price points. But does more expensive also means ...

8 Ways to Save Money When Buying Email Marketing Software

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Business case

A business case explains the reasons for undertaking a project or task. It's usually tied in to the bottom line - how the project will help an organization ...

What is the cheapest ESP? Don’t fall for the cheap trap

Whether you are just branching out into email marketing, or you are considering changing your email service provider, there’s always a number of factors to ...

A Low Cost SMTP vs. a Full Featured ESP: Which Should I Choose?

The email marketing world is full of open-ended questions. How should I phrase a subject line? What's the best time of day to send out an email? What kind of ...

The Iceberg Effect – How to compare ESP pricing

You are in the middle of choosing a new ESP and have narrowed your list down to a few – the ESP shortlist. They all seem to provide great service and good ...

The death of Email Marketing CPM and why that is great for you

Back in the days when I ran the regional office of a major ESP, pitching new business was a lot easier once I started listening to my head of sales. It was ...

The true costs of switching email marketing tools

We don't switch email marketing tools daily. Email marketers don’t change suppliers because they think it will be fun to do. But there are enough reasons to ...

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