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How to maximise results from your new email marketing agency

Hiring an email marketing agency might seem pretty straight forward, but you don’t want to end up with an email marketing agency that is “not getting it” when ...

ESP and Agency Hybrid: The best of both worlds or an organizational nightmare?

Software platforms getting easier to use, yet many companies still rely on third parties for services. There are pros and cons to having an ESPs for services ...

Email Marketing Agencies: Strengths and Weaknesses

Email marketing teams are under resourced. The result is that many companies rely partly or entirely on third parties for services. Services an important ...

5 Best Practices for Email Marketing Agencies with Multiple Email Systems

Running a successful email marketing agency is not just about running great campaigns. It is also about operational and cost efficiencies. So how do you work ...

11+ must know tips for collaborating with Marketing Agencies, Consultants and Vendors

In marketing (whether B2B or B2C), there is often reliance on third-party resources to help come up with ideas and/or to deliver a solution or result. ...

Things you still need to worry about when you enlist a full-service ESP

When searching for an email vendor, one of the bigger decisions is whether to go with a full-service or self-serve solution. A good full-service ESP can be ...

This is what marketers really want from their email marketing agency

When selecting an email marketing agency, you want to meet with the different vendors face to face at one point. Especially when looking for an email agency ...

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