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7 Reasons To Outsource Your Email Marketing


Email marketers want to maximize the value of their email campaigns, but many marketers lack the budget, resources or expertise to create campaigns that achieve the results they desire. But instead of turning to those with more experience, they grind away at it in-house or hire inexperienced developers to try and make improvements.

This is what email marketing software for agencies needs to do


76% of marketers have business needs that are unmet by their marketing agency. This is a very interesting finding. All marketers would think of an agency as a business partner that understands their business, helps reach marketing goals and bring results. Does marketing technology help the agency to drive growth for their customers? This brings […]

5 people you should meet at your ESP before signing on


During any sales process, the people selling to you can largely impact your final decision. However, during the process of choosing a new ESP, the person selling to you is rarely the person who’ll be delivering what you’ve bought. Having a good relationship with sales is all well and good, but once the contract is […]

The Why and How of Outsourcing Marketing Automation Services


Every business faces challenges with keeping its sales and marketing processes flowing. The right service provider can help address that immediate problem and add corporate value. So it is smart to consider outsourcing marketing automation services. But what can you expect from them and how to get started? Read on to understand how to pick […]

When Should You Outsource Your Email Marketing?


Most marketers see the value in email marketing, but if you’ve never done it before, you may have some trouble figuring out how to get started, or who should do the work.

Some businesses invest in a specialized email software provider to help execute digital marketing campaigns. Every business has different needs, though, begging the question ‘should you outsource or do your own email marketing?’

Selecting an email services partner: Why ESPs view services as a necessary evil


It’s widely recognized that email marketing teams are under resourced. The result is that many companies still rely partly or entirely on third parties for services, despite software platforms getting easier to use. This makes services an important component of the email marketing vendor selection process.

5 ways a full-service ESP will make you worry-free.


When you find the right email marketing partner, they become an extension of your in-house marketing team. How does that work? Let’s review the topics that will become worry-free when enlisting a great full-service ESP. 

How to maximise results from your new email marketing agency


Hiring an email marketing agency might seem pretty straight forward, but you don’t want to end up with an email marketing agency that is “not getting it” when they make suggestions, or barely making them at all. That can be the result of hiring the wrong email marketing agency, but other times it just takes […]

Email Marketing Agencies: Strengths and Weaknesses


Email marketing teams are under resourced. The result is that many companies rely partly or entirely on third parties for services. Services an important component of the email marketing vendor selection process. In part one we looked in depth at using an ESP to provide your services work. This time we’ll do the same for […]

5 Best Practices for Email Marketing Agencies with Multiple Email Systems


Running a successful email marketing agency is not just about running great campaigns. It is also about operational and cost efficiencies. So how do you work efficiently as an email marketing agency with multiple clients across multiple marketing and data systems? Here are 5 tips that can help you.