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When you need an RFP to find your email service provider…and when you don’t

For some organizations, RFPs are the only reliable way to search for a new email service provider. For others, RFPs can be complicated, costly and of questionable value. Should you use an RFP to find your new vendor? How are you facing the challenge of choosing a new email service provider?  Here are the reasons to use […]

Real-time databases: a must for insightful Marketing Automation

Many email marketers have been looking to make their email marketing programs more effective, easier and more time efficient. Marketing automation seems to fulfill the promise of saving time and adding impact to your email program. So what are the key elements of marketing automation? And what should you look for?

Email deliverability checklist: Sending email is not the same as delivering.

In this Email deliverability checklist we will see that the actual sending of email is one tiny step in a larger process of delivering email. There are a myriad of other requirements that need to be covered by yourself and your ESP to get emails into the inbox and for the emails to then be […]

Upgrade your email marketing tender (and get a better deal)

The number of tenders (RFPs, RFIs, RFQs) for marketing software is increasing. Companies can now write a tender for every mayor business software purchase.  May it be email marketing software, CMS, CRM, analytics or complete marketing automation systems. But how do you make sure that your email marketing tender gets the attention it deserves?

A partner for your email newsletters?

More and more organizations are seeing the possibilities email marketing could bring to them. There are several ways to get started with email newsletters or to further professionalize your email marketing. Meanwhile, there is a worldwide market with specialists who create and more importantly deliver email messages. Can you send email marketing messages without a […]

The cheap Email Service Provider model

Email service providers have found a new way to acquire customers in the small business category by giving them a free taste. The freemium model , as it’s called, provides small businesses with free versions of an ESP’s services. The hope is that they will eventually become paying customers. Small business owner who doesn’t have […]

Why your ESP needs to buy a social media company

Last week the French email service provider (ESP) Emailvision invested in a brand new logo and a new sister: the social media tooling of ObjectiveMarketer. Was it a wise decision? And why should an ESP need to buy a Social Media company?

Evaluating your email vendor

We all evaluate our email vendor on a day to day basis. While working with them we determine if we are happy with the service and email tooling. But we are not evaluating to actually pick a new email vendor. Most email marketers choose the partners who they feel comfortable with and stay with them […]
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