A handy checklist to smoothly switch ESPs

You know it’s time to switch email service providers - you’ve heard that others offer smarter features, greater benefits, or more attractive packages. But ...

4 myths, misconceptions and untruths about email deliverability

Many organizations use deliverability as a data point when selecting an email service provider. Unfortunately there are a number of myths about deliverability ...

Don’t look like a phisher – find the best ESP to help you

Cost cutting is top of mind for many companies and one way to easily cut costs in an organization is to stop sending paper. This means getting customers to ...

New email vendor? Expect your deliverability to plummet… at first

"I'm switching to another ESP. Will my deliverability improve or get worse?". Of course you are expecting your open/clickthrough rate to consistently improve ...

Email deliverability checklist: Sending email is not the same as delivering.

In this Email deliverability checklist we will see that the actual sending of email is one tiny step in a larger process of delivering email. There are a ...

It Doesn’t Have to be Scary to Switch Marketing Technology Providers

Even if you feel like you’ve outgrown your current provider’s capabilities, are unhappy with the level of support you’re receiving, or are looking for ...

Key deliverability tactics when switching email tools

How to maintain high deliverability and inbox placement? And how to do that when moving from one Email service provider to the other? We already talked about ...

Switching ESPs? Use these key deliverability tactics

So you've chosen your new ESP and now you need to make the move but maintain and preferably improve your inbox placement at the same time. The safest way to ...

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