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Choosing between a cloud and on-premises MTA

Being an ESP and MTA vendor, we notice a growing demand for on-premises solutions in all industries. But that is not for everyone. You need to know the best type of MTA for your company. So, next to the features, should it be Cloud, On-premise or even Hybrid?

Talking deliverability with your next Email Service Provider

When trying to find the right email marketing software, we often look at a platform’s feature set, but we should also pay particular attention to a vendor’s level of expertise. This is where a vendor can prove their weight in gold. Deliverability is one of those areas that is critical, but often overlooked or misunderstood.


Deliverability refers to ensuring email messages are delivered to the inbox and aren’t blocked or rerouted by spam filters. It is an ongoing battle for email marketers to avoid being classed as spam. Successful deliverability depends on a combination of best practices, including authentication and email reputation.

5 ways a full-service ESP will make you worry-free.

When you find the right email marketing partner, they become an extension of your in-house marketing team. How does that work? Let’s review the topics that will become worry-free when enlisting a great full-service ESP.

Want a world-class ESP? Expect these (tough) vetting questions

There is always movement on the email marketing software market. Marketers look for vendors with the best mix of policy, price, features and performance. At the same time, Email Service Providers are keen to take on customers that fit their current portfolio.

Warming Up Your Dedicated IP Address With a New ESP

Choosing to have a dedicated IP address is often preferred by businesses who want full control of their brand send reputation. By choosing a dedicated IP with your (new) Email Service provider, you can ensure the reputation and delivery of your emails are not impacted by the actions of other marketers, which could happen if […]

Sure-fire ways to become a punchline when contacting email marketing companies

Email could very well be the best bang for your marketing buck. So you want to jump on the bandwagon right now. You’ve picked a handful of email marketing companies. You’re just about ready to drop them a line. Wait, hold on, which questions should you never ever ask? Which will unknowingly make a joke […]

A handy checklist to smoothly switch ESPs

You know it’s time to switch email service providers – you’ve heard that others offer smarter features, greater benefits, or more attractive packages. But the whole idea is too daunting: you fear the risks and unknown elements, not to mention the time involved. Wouldn’t it be great to have a checklist to smoothly move to […]

4 myths, misconceptions and untruths about email deliverability

Many organizations use deliverability as a data point when selecting an email service provider. Unfortunately there are a number of myths about deliverability and especially about the role of deliverability staff at ESPs. Some are out of date, some are misconceptions and some are untruths spread by competitive ESPs. But all of them really deserve […]

Don’t look like a phisher – find the best ESP to help you

Cost cutting is top of mind for many companies and one way to easily cut costs in an organization is to stop sending paper. This means getting customers to opt-in to going paperless and interact with you electronically. However, the mission to protect customers from phishing attacks, while going paperless seems to be at odds.
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