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Starting with a new ESP? Make sure you are in the feedback loop

One of the key factors ISPs use to determine your email reputation is the number of spam complaints your emails receive. Receiving a few complaints is no big deal, but if recipients keep marking your emailings as spam, this is disastrous for your email deliverability. That’s why, when selecting an email service provider, you always […]

Email deliverability checklist: Sending email is not the same as delivering.

In this Email deliverability checklist we will see that the actual sending of email is one tiny step in a larger process of delivering email. There are a myriad of other requirements that need to be covered by yourself and your ESP to get emails into the inbox and for the emails to then be […]

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Email Authentication; the key to deliverability

An average of 106 billion spam messages go out daily and a further 188 billion email messages are sent. Getting your email into the inbox, when ISPs like Hotmail and Gmail are trying to keep junk out is becoming increasingly difficult. We can no longer just send email, we need to focus on delivering email. And […]
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