gets new datacenter, ditches Rackspace a provider of email relay and email delivery services has shifted its infrastructure strategy. Previously they contracted managed servers at multiple hosting providers such as Rackspace and SoftLayer, that is over. Now has opened its own, new datacenter.

Transactional email increase

Semyon Dukach, CEO of commented that the change was partly driven by an increase in the amount of emails sent based on behavioral e-commerce systems. Transactional email is one of the email types where email relay services are often used. Transactional email include sales order receipts, shipping acknowledgements, billing statements, and registration confirmations. Requiring high deliverability even when not making use of a full service ESP.

After left, Pat Condon had some extra Rackspace to spare

Email delivery service market continues in their press release: For today’s email delivery service market, service level quality is a critical requirement as new social networks, behavioral commerce systems, and other mission-critical applications rely upon email as the primary means for sending customer communications. We concur, it is very important to know how reliable your email service provider is. This of course also includes the infrastructure.

Send reputation and new IPv4 addresses

SMTP was allocated 4,096 portable IPv4 addresses, a big enough supply of IP addresses for all its customers. The move will force to use these new IP addresses for sending. The IP based send reputation built by SMTP will be lost, and needs to be rebuilt at the new hosting center. is locating its new data center at the Hurricane Electric facility in Freemont, California, with alternative direct routing over the XO Communications fiber network. CISCO and Dell will be providing the primary router and server hardware.

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