Posterous adds small business email marketing

The Microblogging website Posterous added a functionality for their members to send newly posted blogposts as email newsletters. Small businesses account for about 20% of te Posterous members and are the tool was mainly developed for them.  (Quietly) launched on March 28th, the VP of marketing and business development at Posterous, Rich Pearson, says the new function is mostly an addition to the site’s social media management capabilities.

Newsletters via Posterous

If you opt-in to a Posterous feed via the new service, you will will receive an email every time an author submits a post to the platform. The author will appear in the from name and the title of the blogpost as the subject line. The multimedia content will be posted inline in the newsletter. If a subscribers replies to a newsletter the author can determine whether to add those replies as comments on their Posterous page. (and we think that is pretty cool!).

Posterous uses the email delivery provider SendGrid to for delivery.

Features to come for the Microblogging ESP

In June additional features are planned for release. Users will get control over who receives newsletters. And more design features are added, to let the email resemble their site, including the addition of company logos, said Pearson.

Update: In February 2013, Posterous announced that they would be shutting down the service on 30 April 2013. Following the shutdown, Posterous URLs displayed a “bye” page showing an image of an astronaut with a spanner and a satellite. Check more Posterous history on the posterous wikipedia page.

Jordie van Rijn

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