Why a Customer Data Platform (CDP) Will Be the Next Evolution of Your Marketing Automation


Data continues to be the absolute bedrock of good email marketing. The role of the ESP had to change to keep pace with the modern digital world, so we moved to Marketing Automation.

The evolution didn’t stop there. It is time for a Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Marketing automation is only about timing – forget the rest


What are the two most fundamental reasons for deploying marketing automation in your B2B company?

Which marketing automation functionality are you actually going to use? Which ones can you leave for what they are? You’ll read it in this article.

Parserr Review: Using a Parser Software to Automate Email Data Extraction


For business owners, extracting useful information from direct inquiries, invoices, receipts, and other important documents can be stressful.

Solopreneurs, for example, are usually more hands-on when it comes to their email communication channels. On top of pertinent business emails they should worry about, they sometimes have newsletters, personal messages, and other notifications in the mix.

Empowered Email Marketing Software Buying, 7 Tips


We’re dealing with an odd gap in the email service provider (ESP) industry these days because buyers are reluctant to open up about what they really need.

I often hear anecdotal stories about buyers who withhold important information during the ESP selection only to make their already bad situation worse.

5 considerations when buying marketing automation software, you hadn’t thought of yet


Marketing automation can be tricky, practically speaking. A new marketing automation platform doesn’t automatically lead to a new way of working. Here are five considerations when buying marketing automation software, illustrated by Teslas, biking vacations and Italian ice cream.

Behavioral email marketing: 4 examples and the tools you need to change your business forever


There has been a massive ressurgence in behavioral email as email marketers realize customers are increasingly savvy and no longer happy with the 'same old' style of daily, weekly or monthly newsletters.
What does this mean for you? And what does your email marketing software need to be able to send these event driven emails?

ESP or sender? You are Invited to the CSA Summit 18 – 20 April Frankfurt


Is the aim of your daily business to achieve the best possible outcome from sending commercial emails? If so, you need to consider a number of important points, both today and in the future.

18-20 April our friend and sponsor the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) organises the CSA Summit 2018, where you can learn from international experts, and you will find that it pays off – you will be rewarded with better deliverability, a higher conversion rate, and fewer complaints.

Tough Ecommerce Data Questions Your Marketing Automation Provider Should Answer to Stay Out of Data Jail


According to Forbes, Ecommerce’s share of commerce will be double compared to 4 years ago. So if you plan to grow your ecommerce business this year, you’ve made a smart decision. As you evaluate the pros and cons of different marketing automation providers, what are the must haves on your list?
There’s nothing worse than buyer’s remorse, especially when it affects your bottom line.

Is Your ESP GDPR compliant? Here’s How To Find Out


Have you investigated if your email service provider is on the right side of the law with the new GDPR?

Under GDPR being compliant means that you need to have a GDPR compliant email service provider and you need to be fully prepared or you both will be at risk of fines.

Ways to Optimize the RFP Process, Without Losing Your Head


Many marketers cringe at the thought of having to put together an RFP at the start of the process when selecting a new email service provider (ESP).

Not only marketers dread the RFP; often, so do the vendors, as Jeff Ginsburg makes clear in his bluntly titled post, “10 Things I Hate About the RFP Process.