NewMediaAge ranking shows growth for email agencies

Yesterday we got a first peek into the NewMediaAge annual ranking of digital specialists in the UK.

It shows the whole sector of digital agencies in recovery, indicated by growing budgets and new revenue streams. Agencies look to diversify into mobile, social media and display. The ranking called Marketing services guide shows a list of Digital agencies split by sector. The full report isn’t available online yet. But the top three’s where given.

Growth of the sector

The combined revenue of the top six of the list rose with 14,6% to £27.07m from last year’s figure of £23.62m. ECircle had the highest income from email marketing with £7.45m for the year to December 2010. Tullo Marschall Warren and DotMailer also in the top three.

Anna Richardson from New Media Age shares her viewpoint:
“Meanwhile, email providers are realising that their medium lends itself to well-honed integration with social media.

But in light of the growing demand for integrated services, providers shouldn’t lose sight of their raison d’être: it’s their specialist knowledge that wins clients. And according to the positive outlook of agencies in the guide, specialisms are very much valued.”

What we like about this report and ranking Agencies on revenue:
* It gives some insight how the email sector is doing compared to other digital sectors
* BThe annual report it shows trends for both industry and individual participating companies.
* It is a chance for digital agencies to profile themselves based on results (we mean cash).

What we don’t like about ranking on revenue:
* The ranking is based on revenue, that doesn’t say anything about profit or company health
* Comparing agencies that handle revenue streams (like AD and affiliate networks) might paint a distorted picture
* The favor of revenue will always be to ESPs that focus mainly on (a lot of) production work,
versus the ones that focus only on technology.
* Agencies that do not provide their revenue are not included
* Revenue by itself isn’t that interesting when choosing or evaluating an ESP

Jordie van Rijn

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Jordie van Rijn is an independent email marketing consultant and Analyst. He is the Founder of Email Vendor Selection and specializes in smart email marketing, optimisation and RFP / vendor selection. Named one of "50 Online Marketing Influencers to Watch " by Entrepreneur magazine.

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