How big brands achieve cross channel marketing technology Integration

These days marketing systems are beginning to catch up to the hype. The level of integration we have always aspired is coming close. It is interesting to see how brands are able to execute campaigns as they work with different vendors across marketing platforms. How are brands making their technologies talk to each other in real-life?

The concept of Marketing automation and cross channel integration is nothing new, but today brands really are being empowered to integrate their digital marketing efforts across channels. In this session recorded at the Mediapost Email Insiders Summit the panellist discuss how they are integrating marketing automation technology their internal database platform with their Email marketing platform, their social providers and all of their marketing channels.

On the panel from left to right, you see:
 Erik Severinghaus moderator of the panel discussion
 Neil Berman, President & CEO, Delivra @nfberman
 Andrew Jones, Industry Analyst, Altimeter Group @andrewjns
 Dan LeBlanc, VP, Customer Intelligence & Relationship Management, Provide Commerce
 Angela Sanchez, VP, Direct Marketing, Universal Music Group Distribution @AngelaASanchez

Highlights and topics discussed in the video:

4:20 One of the firs topics that comes up: Is a point solution with a point-to-point integration or a full all-in-one marketing platform the way to go?

7:20 The additional business challenges next to technology

8:10 The role data plays in cross channel marketing. Dan LeBlanc clusters customers around their attitude towards their products and buying reasons. Deployment is across all their channels like display, Online video, Print, magazine, direct mail and online marketing. They are using both internal and external data to target their customer segments.

15:10 Angela shares some first results from Universal Music Group Distribution following their marketing technology integration and campaigns.

16:30 Strategy and data are the first to look at, but don’t try to boil the ocean and do everything at once, or maybe not even in a year. Niel is often looking to do 3 weeks sprints. Take 3 weeks to get the program ready and 3 weeks to execute and look and see what the results are.

21:00 Social business is underutilized and the data from social is not yet brought back to other channels. Social login is a possible way to do this. Andrew Jones says that this can sometimes increase open rates by 100% or even 1000%.

23:00 Andrew Jones of Altimeter Group gives an example of cross channel personalisation using social data in email.

25:10 The single customer view / data repository is largely more aspirational than reality just now, just a few from in the audience indicate that they are actually have a single customer view at the moment.

26:00 Best of breed versus a central all-in-one solution? If you won’t be able to integrate other solutions that will be a problem in the future if something new pops up.
Dan thinks that if you move to be a bit more unique in your space, one vendor might be the best choice as you should be able to pass all the right data along.

28:40 No one marketing technology company can be everything to everybody. Create an emailhub that will be the glue and position the other tools you use around that hub through integrations?

30:00 There are plenty of Reporting challenges, but an important issue is to deliver on the response people are giving. How do you consolidate that information and take action on it? Resources are often a challenge. But you probably don’t need a full time business analyst to pick the low hanging fruit.

33:40 New marketing ideas better be automated, because otherwise Universal Music isn’t going to do it. It becomes too complex when you have a lot of campaigns running at the same time.

34:30 Cross channel marketing is often difficult because of the way the organisation is organised, different people are responsible for different channels. How do we get everybody in a room and aligned? Dan LeBlanc opts for an Internal agency, and gives a very interesting example of dividing and moving budget in a different way.

37:40 Andrew adds to that the concept of a CXO; a Customer Experience Officer that would be able to tie together all of the different interactions into one experience for the customer.
38:40 Should all messages be the same across all channels? It should create a story, even if it is a lightweight one.

41:40 They are able to get customer targeting information by matching name and address from their sales to a customer segment and then match it by identifying the customer with a cookie. This allows them to select viewers for pre-rolls by matching their video ads and customers profiles. Dan shares his aspiration to make their website personalized based on identifying customer segments even if they don’t haven’t identified the visitor.

Cross channel marketing technology Integration

The marketing technology systems are beginning to enable the level of integration we have always aspired. These big brands and the agencies in this panel are able to execute their cross channel campaigns, but take a different approach as they work with different vendors across marketing platforms. How are you making your technologies talk to each?

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