5 signs you are getting the Best Email Newsletter Tool

Finding the best email newsletter tool is vital to gaining the most interest in your business easily. Through email marketing your clientele know what’s on offer, what’s new and most importantly – gets them interested.

Without interest there is no sale, so if your tools allow you to nail that in the best way possible, you are with the right partner.

Of course your ultimate tool also depends on your own email marketing requirements. But where do you start and what do you look for in the best email newsletter tools?

1. Previews – look before you leap

Everybody knows how to send out newsletters, it is the basic part of the game. Your newsletter goes to mobiles, tablets and desktop computers and each can have a variety of email clients.

Nothing could be more embarrassing than your newsletter being unreadable after you sent it out to hundreds or thousands of people. It gives the impression that you really don’t know what you’re doing and that is not an impression you want to give to your current and future clients.

With so many different configurations on the market, this shortcoming is something that happens all too often.

You can avoid that by testing them before you send them out. I am talking about render testing, not A/B split testing. A preview function that all the best email newsletter tools have available will allow you to see how your newsletter will look and act on different devices, from desktop and webmail and on the latest smartphones.

Make sure your newsletter tool is compatible with a 3rd party service that does it, but the best email newsletter tools have these previews readily available inside the tool. Making it even more easy to use and a better workflow.

2. Email services and lending a helping Hand

Everybody needs a little help from time to time. The basic functions should be readily available and easily identified within your email newsletter tool. There are times when you need to do something extraordinary or simply need a reminder or some help.

The best email newsletter tools offer easy to access tutorials, documentation and even live help from people who are trained to assist you. Think of them as the Jedi masters of newsletter creation minus the philosophy and confusing sentence structures.

3. Scheduling for success

Let’s face it: your clients don’t care if you’ve had a busy week and can’t send out a newsletter on time. They expect results, not excuses and results in this case mean a newsletter in their inbox on the same day every week or month.

However, we all know that we can get overwhelmed with work, life and things that are just (dare I say it!?) more important than newsletters.

Good newsletter tools have a way to avoid this crisis with automatic scheduling. This feature sends out your newsletter at a specific time to your mailing list no matter where you are. As long as you have made the necessary preparations, you can be secure in the knowledge that your newsletter will always be on time. The best email newsletter tools even will help you in determining the right send time, through better reporting functionality and sending of triggered emails.

4. Getting personal

Dear Sir / Madam / Whom it May Concern, if you are reading this and feeling disconnected you are not alone.

If you are sending a newsletter to a client, you have already established a trusted relationship with them, no matter how small. As soon as you begin a newsletter addressing some kind of vague clientele, that trust is immediately obliterated.

Everybody wants to feel special. Everybody wants to be acknowledged as an individual – and your newsletter has the power to achieve this through personalisation tools.

Quality newsletter tools give access to personalisation that are able to address each individual client by their names, surnames, where they live, what they ordered or even how old they are – and that’s just the beginning.

The best personalisation tools are available in the best newsletter tools. You can spot the best personalisation tools by the amount of detail they allow you to add and variations based upon the normal fields, conditional fields and business rules.

Don’t send email that is consistently depersonalised. Business relationships are built on trust. If you’re not willing to engage your client on a personal level, you will never be able to build that trust – or your client base.

5. Their reputation is your reputation

When handling something as important as your email marketing or newsletter, it is always a good idea to stick with names that have lasted and been trusted through many years.

When dealing with your business and retaining your clients through your newsletter, now is not the time to strike out on your own, experiment and take risks – this isn’t college. Remember – the zebra in the middle of the herd never gets eaten. It is good to check some references of that email service provider, especially if you are seriously betting on email marketing.

Well-known companies that provide email newsletter tools and have been around long enough are trusted for a reason – they earned it. Your newsletter is your company’s impression upon your clients. In other words, your reputation is at stake – wouldn’t you want a company with a good reputation to take care of your own?

What to look for in the best email newsletter tool

Of course your ultimate tool also depends on your own email marketing requirements. But after reading the 5 Signs of a Quality Email Newsletter Tool, look for these 5 and you are on your way finding your best email newsletter tool.

  1. Previews of how the newsletter will look on a variety of tablets, mobile phones and desktops.
  2. Tutorials, documentation live support, help guide and video explanations.
  3. Automatic scheduling.
  4. Extremely detailed personalisation options.
  5. A good track record, reputation and a well-known, trusted name.

The important detail to remember here is that using the best newsletter tools make your life easier and allow you to do more advanced email marketing, quicker and with less effort. If your newsletter is not holding your client’s attention, something (or someone) else is. Why take that chance? Find the best newsletter tool, make the best newsletter and get the best results.

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