PostUp - August 23, 2017

UnsubCentral launches list growth tool

UnsubCentral, a PostUp company, announced the launch of Opt-in Central, a leadgeneration and list growth tool to capture email contact, behavioral and demographic information of site visitors.

Data capture and integration
The tool’s capture widgets have a data feed that can connect with any Email Marketing Software. They collect geographic and demographic data through a reverse IP lookup. Capture and paywalls are offered as a service. They integrate with PostUp, or with other ESPs, or as a stand alone service and product.

Opt-In Central integrates with analytics such Google and Adobe, ad systems like DFP, personalization providers like Parsely, CDP’s, ESP’s and DB providers. Customization comes with the services. The capture widgets are based on JavaScript snippets installed on the website.

Lead generation features and listbuilding widgets
Opt-in central features include:

  • multi step forms,
  • animation,
  • A/B testing,
  • triggers to show or not to show,
  • metered paywalls,
  • one click mobile subscribe,
  • automated append of demographic and geographic data.

Rules in its backend allow for further sophistication in targeting.

Widgets include sliders, takeovers, mobile one click, polls, quizzes, sweepstakes, share with a friend, paywalls, and guest passes.

Desktop sliders
Desktop sliders

One-tap subscribe for mobile
One-tap subscribe for mobile

Quizzes and polls
Quizzes and polls

Inline widgets
Inline widgets

Lightbox & takeover widgets
Lightbox & takeover widgets

Share with a friend widget
Share with a friend widget

Additionally, PostUp swears by the intelligent features such as dynamic optimization of user experience based on traffic source, as different sources show different behaviors. As per Patrick Asbra their new tool can recognize visitors that signal annoyance and backing off, or users at different stages of conversion, therefore, presenting the right offer to customers. E.g. serving up a free trial or progressive capture widgets to convert a free trial to a paid trial.

The below screenshots shows how Opt-In Central interface looks like:

oscw_screen small

Editing of the onsite capture widget with a side-by-side preview.

oscw_screen2 small

Here we see the addition and editing of display and targeting rules.

The new addition of Opt-in Central, has them going against some of the bigger list growth widget bakers. That market is booming. Marketers can now grow their email lists and grab more customer data through on-site capture widgets.

Major industries and competitors
The new tool is mostly targeted to media, publishing, affiliate publishers, but the widgets can be used in other industries as well.

Patrick Asbra from PostUp Unsubcentral told us they see, for instance, Opt-in Monster on the low end and Bounce Exchange on the high end as their competitors. They are planning to beat them with machine learning “smart capture” widgets with business rules, flexible animation, progressive capture, and one click mobile subscribe. They also have a services and strategy team that helps set-up the system.

GDPR compliancy
Originally the PostUp / UnsubCentral combo offered opt-out list management for companies to be email compliant even when the opt-out process is complex. PostUp & UnsubCentral is already certified under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and their capture widgets and email solution affords support for a variety of international compliance situations such as affirmative opt-in and double email opt-in. They ensured us, that this makes it possible to use and legally meet the requirements of the GDPR.

Pricing and availability
Opt-In Central’s lead and list generation tools are not cheap, starting at  $1,500 per month. PostUp offers packaged pricing for existing PostUp and Unsubcentral clients. The online capture widgets and service packages are already “live” and available. Opt-In Central technology is not developed in-house but is a white-labeled solution, services offered by company’s in-house strategic team.

It will be promoted via packages with PostUp and UnsubCentral, on trade shows, webinars. UnsubCentral has currently about 100+ clients, and a year from now they are forecasting to have a similar number for Opt-In Central as well

About Beata Linz

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Beata has a background in digital and brand marketing and their connection to the email channel. She believes that consistent marketing messaging across all channels and seamless end-to-end consumer journey lead to successful results and happy consumers.

Beata has “gone solo” with her own consultancy to develop digital marketing strategies. Helping brands reaching their goals and their consumers in a meaningful way. May it be strategic planning, optimization, and analysis to tactical executions Beata has a hands-on approach.


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