SmartFocus - August 10, 2016

SmartFocus adds (User Generated) Smart Content to their Message Cloud

SmartFocus has released a User Generated Content solution to their Message Cloud cross-channel marketing platform. Called Smart Content, brands can source content from social and other source, for instance, created by brand advocates or in social contests. The platform then allows to publish this content to the channel(s) of choice.

Here is a snazzy video that explains how it works:

Smart Content functionality

Smart Content helps brand marketers (automatically) find, create and publish User Generated Content. This should let brand create a different type of personalised email campaign. USG can be deployed in real-time along with branded content.

Smart Content and User Generated Content (UGC) in email will let marketers:
• Add personalized social content into their email campaigns
• Show live product reviews and customer imagery
• Add dynamic links to point towards social content or conversion focussed pages
• Generate emails on-open
As you might have guessed, the real-time element of personalisation on open is provided by using dynamic images.

Teletext Holidays Case

With the release of the feature, SmartFocus showcases Teletext Holidays that used Smart content for their summer email and social campaign #myholidayhabits Here is an image of the campaign, as you can see there is also a countdown timer as a part of the email campaign, which is driven by dynamic image fuctionality. SF_00313_TELETEXT_EMAIL_FULL-369x1024

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