SendinBlue - June 13, 2019

Sendinblue’s All-in-One platform ambition, new look, and new functions

The email marketing software provider SendinBlue (now Brevo) just added a ton of new features to their platform. And did a complete refresh and updated branding as well. Including a new logo and complete rehaul of the site and new images.

SMB All-in-one platform ambition

Following the news, the commitment is towards an all-in-one software vision. Offering a complete marketing and sales suite for Small to Medium businesses. Allowing SMBs them to make the most of the “latest” in Martech with the sendinblue touch of keeping complexity down. Newly added functionality includes CRM, Chat, and Facebook ads, with more to come this year.

sendinblue marketing platform

For updated information have a look at our full Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) review.

SendinBlue CRM

In the new Sendinblue CRM, customers can store all of the information about their contacts, including notes from calls, meeting and attach documents uploaded into the customer CRM contact profile.

Getting set up on the CRM can be by uploading your contact information, ready to start managing your customer relationships.

sendinblue crm contact list

Contact organization is list-based. Similar characteristics, acquisition source, or other criteria like steps in the conversion funnel.

Opportunity tracking and adding tasks. SendinBlue CRM allows you to create and assign tasks to team members. Including deadlines 😀 You can automate follow-up emails and contact list management with marketing automation.

Sendinblue Chat

The chat function is introduced last month as well. The chat lives on your own website installed by adding a code snippet and you can start chatting with visitors. The configuration is simple: customize colors, business name, and logo.

Chat messages come in through what they call the Sendinblue Chat Inbox. It is real-time so you can answer questions from leads and customers. Alongside the chat profile, you can see which page they are on at the time.

Chat conversations can be assigned to different chat user agents with a click in the backend as part of the chat workflow to optimize response time.

Facebook Ads

SendinBlue now also offers Facebook Ads creation and management.

A Facebook Ad contains text, an image, and a link to your website or landing page, which are displayed on the Facebook website and mobile.

Facebook ads preview

You can choose who sees your ad on Facebook. People who are already in your SendinBlue contact list(s) or Facebook users who are similar to the people in your SendinBlue contact list(s).
Set the limits of your Facebook campaign. Duration, Ad budget and the amount spent per day will be optimized automatically. The metrics you can look at of each Facebook ad campaign you create and compare different campaigns to know what’s working.

Updated and new E-commerce Plugins

SendinBlue has a lot of plugins that were already available for a long time, but are updated recently. E-commerce and email marketing is a very healthy combination, but to get the most out of it, often requires to have some integration. They released a new BigCommerce plugin last month and the e-commerce plugins are getting fully automatic tagging. It makes abandoned cart set up so much easier (few clicks). currently released for Prestashop 1.6, soon will be on Prestashop 1.7 and Shopify.

Email features and templating language

The email templating language had an update some months ago, which allows for more customization with IF/ELSE logic and conditional blocks. Also released multi-user in December last year. Invites and permissions are released for the most part now. There were many other smaller improvements on the general usability of the core email features.

Coming soon: Display Retargeting

SendinBlue let us know that Display Retargeting is in Beta, Retargeting allows people to add their subscribers to display retargeting audiences (through a major display ads network) automatically through marketing automation workflows or dynamic lists.

Coming soon: Shared Inbox

Shared inbox should be released soon as well. It works together with CRM / Chat features, users can assign conversations to team-mates. This can also be done through our automation platform – assigning incoming emails by contact favorite language or region for example.

Pricing and availability

The updates are currently available and included in the pricing. You can sign up for a free trial here. A SendinBlue account has 3 seats (email logins) for free, and customers can add up to 10 seats in total for 12 USD / mo. / additional seat. This is especially important for CRM and Chat. For more than 10 seats, we are talking about bigger accounts that fall under the enterprise plan.

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