Pure360 - July 24, 2014

New Behavioural Targeting & Product Recommendations for Pure360

Pure360 has just launched their new feature, Pure360 Behavioural Targeting. This enables users to gather real-time behavioural data to send highly targeted shopping cart recovery emails and personalised recommendation emails to re-engage customers based on their website behaviour.

The data to power the behavioural email is collected in real time as the customer shops on the site and then used to trigger targeted messages. Pure360’s platform then responds directly to the behavioural automations of online customers. Email marketers can use these emails to reduce cart abandonment, boost sales and encourage repeat customers.

Recovery emails – re-engage with abandoned shoppers

According to Pure360, the Pure360 Behavioural Targeting functionality can recover up to 20% of abandoned carts with real time messaging. The functionality in this release gives marketers the following possibilities:

  • Real time re-engagement, as most abandoned leads go cold within an hour
  • Identifies and contacts targeted shoppers
  • Begin with recovery emails then upgrade to email campaign personalisation
  • Real-time personalisation and form recovery also available


Product recommendations – real time content personalised to the customer

With product recommendation emails in Pure360 marketers can make use of:

  • Dynamic content for personalised communications
  • Open-time formatting so that the content and products in your emails can be changed, even after sending
  • Individual, personal recommendations based on browsed and purchased products
  • Crowdsource recommendations, such as trending products
  • Product and device-level recommendations, such as new products
  • Count down timers for sales, offers and events
  • Add Hero images using HTML blocks


Adam Boulton, Head of Product at Pure360 about the new update:
“We are all aware of how important it is to know your customers, but knowing how they behave is now integral. Our Behavioural Targeting allows you to simplify visitor behavioural data to create campaigns which are not only highly targeted, but also offer the recipient a more personalised experience. By using this new feature our users’ campaigns will stand out from the crowd of generic emails”

The Pure360 Behavioural Targeting feature is available to all clients starting today.

About Jordie van Rijn

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