PostUp - April 16, 2015

PostUp offers full Return Path Integration baked into their platform

PostUp now offers the complete Return Path Email Optimization suite integrated directly into their Email Marketing platform. Through that, clients can use the full range of Return Path’s deliverability tools. Managing campaigns, optimizing deliverability, and analyzing results all within the single PostUp UI.

Return Path fully “baked into” the email platform

PostUp’s VP of Product and Marketing, Keith Sibson: “What’s unique about this solution is that we are the first ESP to offer Return Path fully “baked into” the platform. For our users Return Path is not an app that marketers buy and install from a marketplace.”

The integrated Email Optimization suite includes the following Return Path products:

  • Inbox Monitor
  • Inbox Preview
  • Email Client Monitor
  • Reputation Monitor
  • Inbox Insight
  • Return Path Certification

Inbox Monitor and Inbox Preview are built into the PostUp send workflow so that marketers can easily perform seed and render tests to ensure quality prior to deployment.


Email Client monitor is integrated into Reporting so that email marketers can see device data for mailings after the fact, which can also be used to enrich the recipient database for use in targeting and segmentation on future campaigns.


Reputation Monitor and Inbox Insight are still somewhat stand-alone products, integrated into the email platform as much as you would see them in the Return Path UI, albeit more conveniently accessible.

Return Path Inbox Monitor and Panel data

Keith Sibson: “Inbox placement is a key part of the value of Return Path’s Inbox Monitor. What really differentiates us here is that not only does PostUp have access to the most comprehensive seed list, but also Return Path “panel” data: millions of consumer inboxes that receive our client’s email. Return Path’s panel is 8 times larger than the nearest competitor, and combined with the seeds this gives by far the most accurate data for inbox placement available in the market.”

No open 3rd party Marketplace; we’re biased

Keith continues: “All clients benefit on day one from the world’s best deliverability tools integrated into the PostUp platform. This is an important part of PostUp’s strategy. We don’t provide a neutral marketplace of 3rd party tools where our clients can “shop” for solutions. PostUp does the work of identifying the best solutions from the many available, and building them right into our platform. We’re not neutral, we’re biased, towards the best solution, which in this case is Return Path.”

Current PostUp partner integrations
The Return Path integration is available for clients starting Friday 17th and bundled with the core features into the PostUp platform.

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