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We keep a close eye on ESP's and their functionality. Here you can find an overview of the newest releases and functionality of specific email marketing software, agencies and email service providers.
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28 Nov
StrongView Ally: A New email workflow Tool

StrongView announces a new integrated workflow management tool called StrongView Ally. The company claims that this new tool makes it easier and faster to create, execute, and manage contextual marketing programs. It is designed to enable the efficient management of the full email campaign cycle.   Read more

26 Nov
Email Service Provider Klantenbinder continues as Hellodialog

Email marketing agency Klantenbinder continues under the name Hellodialog. The Email Service Provider (ESP) offers of in-house developed email software and agency services. This year they developed multiple new features.   Read more

24 Nov
Campaign Monitor acquires the Getfeedback online survey platform

Email marketing service provider Campaign Monitor recently acquired online survey platform GetFeedback, which allows all users to collect customer feedback by creating branded, mobile-ready surveys.   Read more

12 Nov
Message Systems introduces SparkPost: Momentum “for the Masses”

Message Systems, known for their email infrastructure software and MTA functionality introduced SparkPost, a new email service that allows developers to easily add email into their web and mobile applications via public cloud on a pay-per-use basis.   Read more

11 Nov
New Mailigen Synchronizer for Magento

Mailigen added a new Magento list synchronisation extension to their email marketing platform. With the integration Mailigen email lists and Magento email newsletter subscriber lists can be automatically synchronized two-way.   Read more

04 Nov
Movable Ink adds Responsive Design for Inkbrush & agileEMAIL

Movable Ink added responsive design functionality to their Inkbrush tool and agileEMAIL software platform. Marketers now can go from campaign concept to email-compliant HTML by generating fully responsive email templates.   Read more

31 Oct
eTrigue VisitIQ Adds Visitor Tracking to More Email Providers

eTrigue has expanded their integrations to include additional email service providers for their VisitIQ IQ Link builder. The VisitIQ marketing automation software allows for tracking beyond the click and feedback of website behavior, from the users own ESP.   Read more

23 Oct
Tripolis Dialogue develops subscription plugin for WordPress API

Together with their partner Harper Jones Tripolis Dialogue has developed a subscription form plug-in for WordPress. Through the plugin integration Marketers and IT managers can now create a subscription form for any sender via the Tripolis email marketing software without having to program and implement their own API code.   Read more

15 Oct
Flowmailer: A new solution for automated, transactional & notification mails

With Flowmailer the dutch ESP MailPlus has launched a new product for sending transactional, automated and process-related email in a professional way. Ensuring correct delivery of email messages, an overview and insights into sent emails and proper responsive templates and branding.   Read more

13 Oct
MailUp Launches BeeFree: A New Free Online Email Newsletter Editor

MailUp released BeeFree today: A free online version of their drag-and-drop email editor for anyone to use. The email editor allows email marketers to design fully responsive email messages without the need of any HTML or CSS coding knowledge using premade, responsive email templates,   Read more

07 Oct
Iterable Workflows: Email Drip Campaigns & A/B Testing

Iterable has launched a new drag and drop interface for email marketers to design drip campaigns and directly run A/B test on those email campaigns. Now they can see which email series works best by split testing complete email drip campaigns.   Read more

30 Sep
Copernica releases first version of their new drag-and-drop editor

Copernica Marketing Software has released a new drag-and-drop interface for their email marketing software. With the new drag-and-drop functionality, email marketers can create fully responsive emails built out of content-blocks.   Read more

22 Sep
Enterprise-edition of MailerQ MTA launched

Copernica launches the 1.0 and enterprise edition of the Linux-based mail transfer agent (MTA) MailerQ. The new enterprise version no longer limits the number of emails users can send per hour.   Read more

18 Sep
Marketo rolls out Marketing Calendar for Planning & Execution

Marketo announced the rollout of its Marketing Calendar, which helps to manage and coordinate marketing activities from a single point and allows you to build and modify marketing programs directly from the calendar.   Read more

12 Sep
New Bronto Cart Recovery App Reclaims Lost Revenue

Bronto Software launched its new Abandonned Cart Recovery application, driven by their CartBeat monitoring. The app is designed to help retailers bring customers back to the site after abandoning their shopping carts.   Read more

03 Sep
New SMTP Relay service by Campaigner

Campaigner announced an additional service called Campaigner SMTP Relay. The email marketing brand of j2 Global, now helps companies to directly use their SMTP email sendservers and deploy transactional emails via the SMTP Relay.   Read more

21 Aug
Benchmark email publishes new email Marketing App for Android

Benchmark email launched its new Android mobile email marketing application. The new appis designed to provide users of Benchmark email to easily access the ESPs email tools and software from their Android phones or tablets.   Read more

14 Aug
MailChimp goes into Marketing Automation and Retires Autoresponders

With MailChimp v9.5 the Autoresponder campaigns have been replaced by Automation Workflows. In their newest version the team improved and added new marketing automation features.   Read more

13 Aug
AWeber launches Mobile App: Email and Subscriber Stats on the Go.

This week Aweber launched their new AWeber Mobile App, available free on Android 4.0 and iOS 7. Customers can use the AWeber app to monitor their email marketing campaigns directly on their smartphone or tablet device.   Read more

06 Aug
GraphicMail upgrades integrated Spam Tests and Inbox Preview

GraphicMail has recently released an improved version of their integrated Spam Tests and Inbox Preview features for their clients which contains upgrades to both of those pre-send testing features.   Read more

04 Aug
Salesforce ExactTarget launches new version of Journey Builder

Launched recently, the new ExactTarget Journey Builder is designed to plan, personalise and optimise 1:1 customer interactions across various channels and devices in the customer journey. It features a simplified interface and new functions to help marketers further understand and capitalise on consumer engagement.   Read more

31 Jul
Octeth launches Multi-threaded Send Engine plug-in

Octeth launched a new Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin for their self hosted email marketing solution Oempro. With Multi-treaded sends, large volumes senders can cut the time it takes to deliver campaigns through Oempro.   Read more

28 Jul
Lazbro develops suppresion list management tool Data Duster

LazBro released a new Data management feature to their tooling. The Lazbro Data Duster allows for email list supression management. Email marketers can scrub their email lists against their Master Suppression List.   Read more

24 Jul
New Behavioural Targeting & Product Recommendations for Pure360

Pure360 has just launched their new feature, Pure360 Behavioural Targeting. This enables users to gather real-time behavioural data to send highly targeted shopping cart recovery emails and personalised recommendation emails to re-engage customers based on their website behaviour.   Read more

22 Jul
ActiveCampaign CRM: Deals & Sales Automation for SMBs

ActiveCampaign has released their new CRM sales pipeline and contact scoring, directly built into the ActiveCampaign system. The Active Campaign automations helps to move, update, and prioritize deals.   Read more

17 Jul
Measuremail adds new split run campaign functionality

The dutch email service provider Measuremail shows us a new version of their A/B testing functionality. The new version makes A/B split testing easier. It allows for campaigns to be automatically deployed based on the test results.   Read more

14 Jul
dotmailer celebrates with new brand and brand new marketing automation

The email marketing software provider dotmailer is celebrating its fifteenth birthday by re-launching the business and unveiling their new platform. The re-launch includes a new brand identity, website and move to a new UK office.   Read more

07 Jul
StrongView Adds Contextual Marketing Capabilities

StrongView, a provider of email marketing and cross-channel marketing solutions for enterprises, today announced new contextual marketing capabilities for Message Studio, StrongView’s cross-channel Marketing Cloud.   Read more

04 Jul
Return Path partners with Russian email providers

Return Path partners with Mail.Ru and Yandex.Mail, Russia’s largest mailbox providers. Their combined users account for more than 90% of mailboxes in Russia. Now senders can apply for Return Path Certification to facilitate delivery of their messages to Russian consumers’ inboxes.   Read more

27 Jun
Webpower renews email marketing automation platform and interface

Webpower launches version 10 of its of its email marketing automation platform. The new version of the platform is heavily renewed with a completely new GUI (Graphical User Interface) as the most notable change. The previous platform name dmdelivery will be replaced by ‘webpower’, similar to the company name.   Read more

23 Jun
SimplyCast New Contact Manager for Lead nurturing & Contact management

SimplyCast recently announced the impending launch of Version 8.7 of its email marketing software application. One of its features is a new Contact Manager. The SimplyCast Contact Manager’s functionality and features are based largely on requests and feedback from SimplyCast customers.   Read more

19 Jun
Campaign Monitor releases Canvas – new drag and drop template engine

Campaignmonitor launched their new email builder and template engine. It’s called Canvas and is available today for current clients via their Campaign Monitor account.   Read more

12 Jun
Dyn now offers Deliverability and Reputation Management Service

Dyn now offers a new Email Sender Reputation Management Service, next to their Email Delivery product. The new service aims to proactively improve and protect a brand’s sender reputation using Dyn’s inhouse expertise and delivery tools.   Read more

10 Jun
New API functions added to MailChimp email marketing software

MailChimp added new email list segmentation, tracking and a gallery folder functionality to their email marketing platform API, which allows you to create and filter drag and drop campaigns.   Read more

05 Jun
Message Systems Momentum 4: New Analytics, Email Generation & API

With the launch of Message Systems Momentum 4, the Message Systems digital messaging platform adds cloud-enabled APIs, provides real-time insight into engagement data, message generation and templating for their digital messaging software for cloud-based businesses and large enterprises.   Read more

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