New campaign management platform Realcampaign ready for take-off


RealCampaign is the newest platform to hit the campaign management and execution software market. Revealed at the DMexco, the software was built with a drag and drop philosophy in mind. The team is confident they nailed the User Experience and is even calling it “fun to use”.

Nienhuis (CEO & co-founder): “In the world of Marketing Automation today, there’s a major problem across the board: it’s just too complicated. Getting your first campaign out takes ages and is really expensive. It’s like you need to do an MBA just to understand how the software works. That’s outdated, right? Work should be fun, so we designed an amazingly simple-to-use drag and drop SAAS campaign management platform.”

12002378_744623792349636_6874039175602782298_o Realcampaign CEO Joost Nienhuis revealing the new platform at DMExco

Annemiek Verhagen (Vice President, CCO & co-founder ): “With this platform you can finally manage all your social media, email marketing, mobile marketing and big data from one single dashboard. The visual campaign manager allows users to turn complex campaigns into a simple flowchart.”

Visual campaign editor

The mentioned flowchart in the visual campaign editor looks like the image below. Featuring an infinity grid with building elements you can drag onto the pane and snap into place.

Infographic like reporting

The statistics and reporting dashboard view is also something quite different than normally seen. You can compose the report and pick the statistics being shown, which are displayed very much akin to a real-time infographic.


As any serious hub, cloud or campaign management tool needs to combine or at least allow for channels to be brought together. Here is a peek at the social planner:


Pricing is based on a flat monthly fee per contact. Including unlimited use of Realcampaign with an unlimited number of users, unlimited postings and fair use of email campaigns (10 mails per month is included). Pricing examples range from 460 euro / month for 10.000 contacts to 10.310 euro /month for 10 million contacts.

Nienhuis: “Realcampaign provides companies with a 360° profile of their customers and allows them to easily optimize communication across channels. Basically, we help companies be thoughtful, relevant, personal, exciting and surprising for their customers.”

Realcampaign is currently in closed beta but is actively taking client requests with the promise of a fully functional 30 day trial. More info at

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