Message Systems - February 5, 2015

MesssageSystems acquires Port25 PowerMTA

MessageSystems announced this morning that they have acquired Port25 Solutions. Port25 is the maker of the email delivery software product PowerMTA (PMTA) in use by thousands of mid to large senders and ESPs around the world. Both Port25 on-premise solution and Message Systems’ Momentum product, were always two powerhouses in the MTA arena. It will be interesting to see how this will go and influence the market.

According to the press release, Port25’s technology, customer base and staff will be combined into MessageSystems as a stand-alone business unit and the entire Port25 Solutions team will remain on staff at the company. John Karpovich will stay on as General Manager of Port25 Solutions and Juan Altmayer Pizzorno will remain as SVP Research and Development.

We asked Len Shneyder, Director of Industry Relations at Message Systems to comment:

1. How long has this deal been in the works for Message Systems to acquire Port25?
We began working on this deal in the latter half of 2014. We knew this would take a while to iron out given the long standing competition between our two companies. However, when we began talking we quickly saw a natural fit between our products, and their ability to address very specific market segments and needs.

2. What will change for the current PowerMTA users / clients?
Nothing. Port25 customers will continue to enjoy the same world class service and support as they did before. Port25’s personnel and technology will operate as an independent business unit within Message Systems.
If anything, Port25 customers will see increased service and opportunity with the addition of Message Systems’ personnel and processes. No doubt, the next Insight conference will be ground breaking, not to mention set a really high bar as the most important email infrastructure and technology event in the industry.
As you can imagine there’s a lot of work between then and now and to quote our VP of sales (and to borrow a poker reference): “we’re all in!”

3. The press release said that development now falls under MessageSystems. Anything to expect in those regards?
We will continue to service and support both platforms to ensure our customers’ business needs are addressed. There will be ample opportunity for our customer base to explore different options and better address their needs given the expanded offerings of cloud and on-prem solutions.

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