Maropost - October 28, 2015

Maropost Launches Landing Page Functionality

Users of the Maropost platform are now able to create, launch and manage custom landing pages.

Multiple Elements to choose from

By using a drag and drop editor, landing pages content can be uploaded and hosted without leaving the editor, and pages designed without writing any code.

The building blocks of the Pages experience allow you to select from any number of types of elements, including layout blocks, HTML inclusion, Forms, Select and Social.

Maropost LP Elements 1Maropost LP Elements 2

Components like images and text can also be populated based on personalized data stored in contact profiles or relational tables inside the system;  this means that user experiences can be personalised based on the data stored in the Maropost database – which can be email data, web data, SMS data or any other data held. Additionally, the page data itself can be used by Maropost’s Marketing Automation tool allowing marketers to kick off actions based upon the interaction the user has with the page, or drive users to specific pages built using Pages.

Setup & Tracking

Tracking pixels and tags can be loaded directly into the editor, giving the user control over results tracking.

Maropost LP tracking1Maropost LP tracking2

In the next iteration of this functionality, marketers who want to test multiple versions of a landing page, will be able to using built in A/B/C/D testing with automatic winner selection to make sure the best variation is seen by the majority of viewers.

Properties and Styles

Maropost Landing Pages allow clients to deliver content to their audiences, with flexibility in creating the look and feel of the page.

Maropost LP styles1

Once the landing page is completed, the drag and drop editor makes publishing and hosting client landing pages can be done on the Maropost platform, on external services like Facebook or WordPress, or even as a download archive for self-hosting. Pages hosted on the Maropost platform are able to be accessed by client configured and branded domains.

Ross Andrew, CEO of Maropost said “we have a great number of clients who drive traffic from email to specific landing pages. Now, with Maropost Landing Pages, they will be able to simplify the process of integrating landing pages with their overall digital marketing effort. The ability to tie together email and landing page content will be a productivity boost for our customers.”

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