Litmus launches Instant Previews and Checklist

Litmus recently announced a series of new features making it easier to test your emails.

Instant Previews

The re-imagined platform moves email testing into the building phase, allowing marketers see how their emails will look across every email client and device in real time. Every time the user presses “save” as they build an email, real screenshots refresh instantly, showing how your email will look in Gmail, Outlook, iPhone, and dozens of additional apps and programs.

Litmus Instant Previews

Build, Test and Make Changes In Real Time

Build an email in Litmus’ web-based editor and get instant previews in 40+ email clients as you go. Every change updates the previews in real time, so email marketers can new build, test, and troubleshoot within Litmus faster than before.

Build, Test and Make Changes In Real Time


Instead of manually checking every email to make sure links and images work properly, send Litmus a copy and they’ll run dozens of checks for you to make sure it’s ready to send. You’ll see how your email appears in popular inboxes like Gmail and Outlook and get a checklist of improvements based on best practices.

Litmus checklist

Data you won’t get from your email software with a revamped look

A revamped user interface organizes recent tests in a dashboard and highlights features like Spam Filter Testing and Email Analytics. See who opens your email in Outlook, Gmail, and on the iPhone—and how long they spent reading each message. Identify fans and evangelists with insight into who forwards or prints. Pinpoint where in the world your subscribers opened with geolocation data.

Litmus - revamped user interface

These new features can save time in the email creation and testing process, making email production more efficient. Former testing hours can now be rededicated to creating new possibilities with email that will improve subscribers’ experience. Litmus promises that marketers will never have to fear “pressing send” again.

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