Audiencepoint - November 6, 2020

ListFit, a new kind of email analytics and deliverability tool

AudiencePoint, the team behind Send Time Optimization for SalesForce Marketing Cloud, recently released a new product called ListFit.

listfit match rate email frequency

You can think of ListFit as an email analytics + deliverability monitoring product. It shows subscriber engagement patterns and tendencies.

What makes ListFit different is how they do it. Historically, most email analytics products rely on first-party response data pulled from a brand’s ESP, mail server, etc. ListFit uses a different source of data that powers the analysis.

Instead of looking at first-party data, ListFit tracks subscribers’ engagement across hundreds of senders to create a “behavioral profile” for each email address.

Predicting how your subscribers will behave

A subscriber profile in listfit is made to include scores for metrics like:

  • The recency of activity,
  • Likelihood of engagement,
  • Frequency tolerance,
  • Day & time preferences,
  • Bounce prediction.

More details on those below. The metrics can be used in several ways – think about email validation, more precise segmentation, and optimizing deliverability.

listfit email engagement

The Data-set

ListFit is powered by AudiencePoint’s dataset – which according to them is “a 2 billion-point pool of engagement data, resulting in over 481 million anonymized subscriber profiles”. Sounds very impressive. And, according to them, can get an 80% match rate / coverage.

The team says since they work in the enterprise space mostly, with tight protocols and processes around data security, privacy, storage depersonalization, hashing – addressing any concerns regarding GDPR and CCPA guidelines.

Engagement is the new Validation

As ISPs have grown more sophisticated around filtering and throttled inbox distribution, they have turned to engagement for deciding to inbox incoming mail. So it makes sense to act on that (but you don’t know exactly what the ISPs are looking at, they aren’t really that transparent).

listfit match rate email engagement time

So adding more info on a subscriber’s behavior than a single sender with only their own historical data, can help. Discovering more than just looking at their own campaign results.

The Insights

Email Verification
Verify that an address is not only real, but recently active, engaged, and not a bot.

Frequency score shows how often to send to each subscriber for peak engagement before burnout.

Send Time and inbox activity
Knows when subscribers are most active. It will tell you the ideal day and time to send to individuals on your list.

A score for each subscriber on engagement, to easily segment lists into high, medium, and low engagement cohorts.

ListFit knows which industries or business categories your subscribers engage with most.

ListFit tracks activity, bounces, and the last time they opened or clicked. They are calling it “predictive deliverability”.

Availability & Pricing

ListFit is available now by appointment and they are running a launch promo for a free sample report of your data as a trial.

Subscription pricing is tiered by number of subscribers, starting at $600/year for up to 10,000 addresses.

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