SharpSpring - May 17, 2016

GraphicMail is now SharpSpring Mail+

After more than a decade of providing email marketing solutions, GraphicMail is now SharpSpring Mail+, a new platform with extra marketing automation features.

In 2014, SMTP, Inc. acquired GraphicMail along with SharpSpring, a marketing automation platform. In 2015, the company rebranded under the SharpSpring, Inc. name.

In 2016, GraphicMail was upgraded and rebranded to SharpSpring Mail+. The new name reflects the new features in the platform, including basic marketing automation functions, website tracking capabilities and more. According to SharpSpring, all GraphicMail clients were successfully migrated to SharpSpring Mail+ in 2016.

Bridging the gap between email marketing and marketing automation

SharpSpring Mail+ is aiming to attract organizations that have been considering a full marketing automation platform, but aren’t sure if they’re ready for it. Next to the functions you expect from a regular email service provider, SharpSpring Mail+ offers basic marketing automation features. It aims to bridge the gap between email marketing and marketing automation, offering a new feature set to organizations of all sizes.

The New Features of SharpSpring Mail+

The new platform marketing automation functions include workflows, tasks, and segmentation, so users can see results before investing in full automation. It aims to bridges the gap between email marketing and marketing automation, offering a new feature set to organizations of all sizes.

Dynamic Content and Personalized Emails

SharpSpring Mail+ gives users the ability to use dynamic content and advanced segmentation to send email contacts the right information at critical points in their buying journeys. With an improved WYSIWYG editor, email marketers can drag-and-drop their way to the inbox with responsive templates built to work on any device.

Real-time Customizable Forms

SharpSpring Mail+ includes CSS functionality to customize forms to fit any brand, and includes custom fields to capture important data. Site tracking auto-populates fields for return visitors, improving conversion.

Advanced Form Builder sharpspring

Advanced Segmentation

SharpSpring Mail+ uses “after the click” tracking to see every page contact visit, so users know exactly what makes them tick. This “behavior based” information is used to build dynamic lists so users can send relevant emails that convert.


Behavioral-Based Tracking and Reporting

SharpSpring Mail+ includes web tracking, showing what contacts do “after the click.” VisitorID tracks every page visit, and form fill-out to show how a contact is interacting with their brand in a visual timeline.In addition to real-time stats on deliveries, opens and clicks, SharpSpring Mail+ offers behavioral-based tracking, form insights, and other metrics.

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Basic Marketing Automation

SharpSpring Mail+ incorporates workflows and tasks to keep contacts engaged and reacts to their behaviors automatically. For example, a user may launch a drip campaign that educates customers over the course of their purchase decision, and only send a discount offer when the contact appears ready to buy, automatically.


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