Fresh Relevance - December 14, 2015

Fresh Relevance introduces personalized real-time coupon feature

Fresh Relevance recently launched a new personalized coupon feature. The coupons can be included in emails and on e-commerce sites in real-time. With the new feature, Fresh Relevance lets marketers and retailers personalise the content of coupons. These can be based the on the shopping behaviours of new visitors and current customers such as purchases and recent web browsing behaviour.

Fresh Relevance coupon feature

The new Fresh Relevance coupon feature makes use of what they call, Slot Rules, business rules to determine the filling of the coupon “slot”. For example, these rules can be used to issue coupons only to shoppers who have not bought recently, or have bought a specific category of product.

Use cases include creating and distributing:

  • Hourly coupons – A single slot to display the current hourly coupon.
  • Cascading offers – Successively more valuable coupons for shoppers as they buy more.
  • Limited time coupons: A coupon can have an expiry date for the whole campaign and/or require that each shopper uses their coupon within x hours.
  • Limited quantity offers – Only a fixed number of people see the coupon. For example you can issue 3.000 coupons – then stop issuing and display an “offer expired” message.
  • Time-based discounts – A discount that drops over time, or other exotic offers, in to email.

The coupons can be “mass market”, but also as a distinct coupon to each active email address. These are assigned at email open or page view time – reducing wasted coupon

CEO of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin: “With the start of the Christmas shopping season and the frenzy around Black Friday and Cyber Monday highlights the desire of consumers to get a discount. For many shoppers it is the most important factor when deciding where to buy and the word ‘Coupon’ in an email subject line has been proven to drive high open rates.”

The new coupon feature is available from Fresh Relevance now.

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