Emarsys - June 28, 2016

Emarsys CRM Ads makes Ad campaigns personal

With the new Emarsys CRM Ads it is possible to connect purchasing and behavioural data to advertising campaigns in real time. This new CRM Ads feature allows the marketer to use their CRM, purchase, and behavioural data from different channels (e.g., mobile, web, email) to use in their advertising campaigns. This way marketers can target their offers and create personalised ads.

Reaching customers from your CRM on different channels

Marketers are able to match contact data and reach their customers on Google search, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. First off, it’s not only cookie-based marketing; The data includes matching on email address, hopefully creating an aligned brand experience across various advertising channels and devices.


Defining segments and Look-a-likes

With the CRM Ads function marketers can pick contacts and make segments to which they can deliver the right content. Also, marketers can create look-a-like audiences which mirror their (best) customers or segments.


CRM Ads as a part of automated marketing programs and workflows

Marketers can use CRM Ads in their automated marketing programs and workflows. Below for instance, we see a workflow that runs daily to send an Email Incenticve. Mon-response to the email triggers the action to add them to the marketers’ Facebook ad segment and Google AdWords audience for those subscribers.


Reporting on Ad spend and ROI

Emarsys promises the opportunity to boost returns on advertising spend. Marketers will be able to select specific contacts that they know are valuable and reach them through advertising. The possible results of each campaign are measured and can be seen in the reporting and analytics dashboard that Emarsys offers.

Below you can see a screenshot that shows impressions, revenues and costs and calculates a CPM, CPC and ROI as well as a Cost per conversion.


Amir Jacobi, Emarsys Product Manager, about Emarsys CRM Ads, “A brand’s most valuable contacts are right at their fingertips, within their CRM database. We are changing the game for marketers as the old approach of focusing advertising campaigns on anonymous, expensive users is becoming less effective. With Emarsys CRM Ads, we create a more memorable brand experience for customers.”

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