EmailSuccess - December 9, 2019

EmailSuccess update: AMP4Email, Wildcard domains and more

EmailSuccess recently launched version 11.21 of their MTA software. The new version includes a series of features and enhancements developed to improve monitoring and performance for large-volume email sending, as well as monitoring and performance scalability.

Newest version updates

The newest version includes three new features: a new collector to periodically track the status of sending queues, a new autotuning option as well as the support of the use of wildcard domains.

The new queue status collector provides aggregated information on the status of EmailSuccess queues, such as the number of messages delivered/undelivered/retrying.
Here’s an example of a queue_status collector configuration:

emailsuccess mta email queue status

The new autotuning option “connection_count_per_remote_ip” enables granularity into how EmailSuccess enforces max concurrent connection limits at the provider level. It controls how the connection limit for each provider is counted. EmailSuccess limits the maximum number of open connections by tracking sendingIP/receivingIP/provider sets or by sendingIP/provider depending on the setting.

By including the option to track receiving IP, the user has greater flexibility in choosing which counting method to use for each configuration.

Use of wildcard domains in the MTA configuarion

Version 11.21 now also supports the use of wildcard domains. Previously, EmailSuccess supported defining a provider via both a list of domain names or a list of MX names/IPs of the receiving email server.

Now the provider can also be defined using a wildcard domain, in other words, a domain name starting with an asterisk followed by a dot. This pattern matches any MX name that ends with the specific pattern on the right of the asterisk/dot ending with the .com (ie. *

Wildcard configuration simplifies provider configuration because the user no longer will need to keep track of all the domains hosted by providers like Office365 and can instead configure a provider with a DNS name like ‘*’’.

Check out this screenshot showing an example of an autotuning configuration containing a wildcard domain.

emailsuccess mta email autotuning

Below is a breakdown of the new features from earlier releases this year.

Rspamd open-source spam filtering integration

There is an integration between Emailsuccess and Rspamd. Rspamd a fast, free and open-source spam filtering system. Rspamd provides added support as an external filter module that can be enabled for any input interface.

Here is an example of a blocked message by Rspamd as it looks in EmailSuccess

emailsuccess mta rspamd blocking

New collector to track inbound traffic

Also introduced was a new collector to track inbound traffic to the system. Collectors get the output of information of EmailSuccess messages and event statuses. It works with delimited text files or an Apache Kafka system for further processing and data analysis.

The input collector gives detailed information about messages accepted or rejected by EmailSuccess separated by input source (eg. SMTP vs API).

AMP4EMAIL support

In May the EmailSuccess Mail Transfer Application, brought full compatibility with AMP4EMAIL (Accelerated Mobile Pages for Email) this allows you to send the additional AMP4EMAIL-part so all inboxes that are able to display AMP mails, can look forward to some more interaction. The capacity to support AMP emails,was developed and successfully tested between EmailSuccess and AMP towards Gmail.

New message retention granularity

Additionally, new message retention granularity now allows for queue archiving options to support periods of time expressed in seconds, minutes and hours (previously only “days” were supported). This further allows for deleting and archiving of sent messages to be executed as soon as messages are delivered. This lowers the storage footprint for low-retention configurations.

What is next on the road(map) of EmailSuccess?

EmailSuccess is getting ready to launch even more features in 2020, including a highly anticipated cluster mode. You check in here for periodic summary or on their blog for the latest updates.

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