Messagegears - April 10, 2015

Email marketing companies MessageGears and BrightWave partner up

Hybrid email marketing technology provider MessageGears has announced a partnership with email marketing agency BrightWave. The partnership brings together MessageGears technology offering with BrightWave’s creative and strategic services.

MessageGears and Brightwave partnership

“Since MessageGears focuses mainly on email/marketing technology, it makes sense for us to partner with an agency like BrightWave rather than try to offer creative services or email strategy ourselves,” says Will Devlin, Director of Marketing at MessageGears. “A partnership strengthens our appeal to those companies who would benefit from our hybrid solution but still want first-class campaign management, strategy, and creative.”

MessageGears is definitely technology oriented. The MessageGears email marketing platform allows customers to tap into and use all of their internal data for email marketing, then provides email delivery and tracking in the cloud. On the other hand, BrightWave is all about the other end of email marketing services. BrightWave creates, strategizes and manages email programs for clients.

Agency Services and technology platforms

In an interview posted on the BrightWave blog, Dan Roy, CEO of MessageGears, elaborates the need for email marketing agency services in the space.

“Services are extremely important to email marketers,” Roy explains. “We are a technology company that offers deliverability and technology and services…. For customers that need email marketing strategy or creative services, we choose to partner with an agency that is expertly qualified to provide those services.”

“We view BrightWave as best-in-breed,” adds Devlin in an email reply to us when asked about the partnership. “They have deep industry knowledge and expertise, and work with enterprise businesses like Equifax, Aflac, and Mizuno, so they understand the unique challenges larger companies face with email marketing.”

Although Messagegears is U.S. focussed for now, they are exploring to expand into other areas in the near future.

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