Adobe Marketing cloud shows new dynamic emails and 1 click shopping

Adobe unveiled several new additions to the Adobe Marketing Cloud during the NFR Big Show 2015 this week. These include contextually relevant emails, shoppable media experiences, and new integrations across Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions aimed to enable retailers to engage with consumers in a more personalized and relevant manner.

Dynamic Emails

By capturing contextual data from Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign like time, location, purchase history, interests and emographic details, marketers can now deliver emails with content that will change automatically at the time of opening aka image based dynamic email. Giving retailers the opportunity to make emails more dynamic and personalized.


As an example Adobe content can be optimized based on the city the consumer is in and will bring in information such as interests, time of day, geolocation, and helpful tips just as the email is opened. The content can also change while it’s in the inbox or updated later as other contextual data is gathered.

One-click shopping from rich media

A new feature in Adobe Experience Manager will enable more efficient shopping experiences promissing to transform media experiences into a shopping experiences and making it easier for marketers to let customers “shop the look” in a visual way, whether it’s an interactive look-book on a tablet, a marketing video, a style guide in a retail catalog app, an in-store kiosk, a social post, or an email.


Consumers can now buy promoted products directly from a banner or style guide with one click instead of going through several steps in the online shopping process. In addition, with drag-and-drop functionality, marketers can create, manage, and deliver shoppable media to any device, eliminating expensive developer time that would require weeks or even months to connect product data to the online shopping experience.

Consumers can view product details and add to cart without leaving the page.

New integrations across Adobe Marketing Cloud

With new integrations across Adobe Marketing Cloud Solutions, Adobe is taking a step towards connecting the dots of the customer journey and journey and sowing together a 360-degree view of each consumer.

Shared Audiences
A marketer can trigger an email in Adobe Campaign based on Web or physical location-based behaviors (e.g., iBeacons) captured by Adobe Analytics. Also, with an Adobe Campaign audience, Adobe Media Optimizer can create better-targeted personalized searches and display ads across devices.

This is enabled by a new integration between Adobe Campaign and Adobe Marketing Cloud Core Services. Now retail marketers can create audiences within Core Services that can be shared across Adobe Marketing Cloud Solutions.

Content Creation
Assets designed in Adobe Creative Cloud can now be more easily used in Adobe Campaign. Additionally, integration between Adobe Campaign and Experience Manager give brands more ways to streamline content creation. With one click, marketers can use content from Adobe Experience Manager for a campaign in Adobe Campaign and more easily maintain brand consistency across online and offline channels. Customers can use both solutions to insert a recipient’s name, location, etc. in an email banner or to personalize products with a recipient’s name or initials on items within the email (e.g., include a customer name on towels, linens, or a sports jersey).

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