Oracle + Bronto - September 12, 2014

New Bronto Cart Recovery App Reclaims Lost Revenue

Bronto Software, the U.S.-based email marketer for online retailers, launched its new Abandonned Cart Recovery application. The app is designed to help retailers reclaim potential sales by bringing customers back to the site after abandoning their shopping carts. The feature has the potential to turn lost sales into reclaimed revenue.

The following are some of the key functionality of the Bronto Cart Recovery app:

  • Ease of installation — Inserting a few lines of JavaScript allows the Bronto platform to track cart activity on a Web-based shop.
  • Near-real-time data capture — The app identifies abandoned carts quickly and prompts shoppers with a cart-recovery message when appropriate.
  • Customisation of recovery messages — Users can set up automated messages through a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Personalised content — Dynamic in-email and -SMS functionality personalises reminders with specific cart details.
  • Analytics — Retailers can track cart activity, abandonment rates and recovery statistics to verify the app’s efficacy.


Monitor Shopping Cart Status in Real Time

The new Cart Recovery app integrates with the existing Bronto platform. This means that retailers already using Bronto’s marketing platform to drive revenue through email, social media and mobile campaigns can easily incorporate the new application’s features into their current model.

Bronto CartBeat

The app is driven by Bronto’s CartBeat feature, which measures cart activity on the client’s website twice per minute. This enables more finely tuned analytics so that marketers can send relevant reminders on a timely basis in hopes of prompting potential customers to return to the site and complete the check-out process.

Why online shoppers abandon shopping carts

According to research commissioned by BI intelligence (a research service from Business Insider), more than US$4 trillion will be abandoned in online shopping carts in 2014. The same report suggests that 60 percent of that could be recoverable by so-called savvy online retailers. Regardless, recovering even a modest percentage of these abandoned sales could allow retailers to boost conversions and add significant revenue to their e-commerce model.

Consumers cite a variety of reasons for abandoning their shopping carts, including:

  • Concerns about the cost of shipping
  • Intent to finalise the purchase later
  • Desire to compare prices on other sites
  • Confusing check-out process


Following its launch, Cart Recovery is now embedded into the suite of apps offered with the Bronto platform. Given the fact that Bronto works with more than 1,300 brands around the world, wide integration capability is a focus area for the company. To that end, Bronto currently integrates with several mainstream e-commerce platforms, including Magento, MarketLive, NetSuite and Demandware.

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