Autopilot - May 4, 2015

Autopilot brings Simple Marketing Automation to market

The company formerly known as Bislr and AutopilotHQ has relaunched as Autopilot. They position themselves in the pretty crowded space between a straightforward email service providers and high-end, high-price marketing automation solutions.

Marketing automation for the masses

Autopilot is claiming a market position as a multi-channel marketing automation platform with a simple interface and lower price. The pricing is one of the interesting parts, a pay per contact price starting at $4 for 500 subscribers, 10.000 contacts cost $160. By adding multi-channel marketing and automated campaigns in combination of simplicity and pricing, they intend to attract small businesses (SMB) to their platform.

Mostly Self service

The Autopilot user interface and system is designed for customers to be primarily self service, campaign building, management and reporting showing drag-and-drop functionality. Autopilot aims to offer more cross-channel capability, including online, offline and mobile, so the interface also ties together email, direct mail and SMS which can be managed and monitored from the system


Third-party integrations are built in

Autopilot has a couple of built-in integrations functionality, including CRM, SMS, direct mail, reporting, tracking and data enhancement. Current integrations include:

  • SalesForce – CRM
  • InsideView – Add company and contact data to your database
  • GoodData – Reporting
  • Lob – Print
  • Segment – Tracking and data exchange
  • Twillio – Text and SMS messaging
  • FullContact – Add contact information and social profiles to your data

All left to see is if the new Autopilot will be flying high.

About Miles Date

Miles is an digital marketing and business enthusiast with experience in growth marketing. He loves to write about all things tools, tech and tips.


    Marketing Automation Software
    Autopilot is a simple email marketing and marketing automation software platform that helps companies connect their marketing systems and automate their marketing touchpoints.
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