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    Great article, Jordie. The conversation has long gone past either/or on social networking integration. The channels work so well together, the things discussed in this article were inevitable.

  • http://twitter.com/jamespmedd James Medd

    The difference between Emailvision & ObjectiveMarketer and the other ESPs mentioned is that ObjectiveMarketer allows social media managers to manage the end-to-end process of
    their social media initiatives: from the planning stage across a team to the
    distribution across multiple media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slideshare,
    YouTube, Ping.fm) all the way to the analytics evaluating the effectiveness of
    messages. This is something much, much more powerful.

  • http://twitter.com/E_Groves Eric Groves

    Excellent post! You forgot to mention another email and social media “match made in heaven” — Constant Contact’s acquisition of NutshellMail in May 2010. It’s important for ESPs to understand that technology and tools alone are not the solution. Education and coaching with a personal touch are key, and both are are fully integrated into Constant Contact’s social media marketing approach. The Constant Contact Partner Program saves your customers the frustration of having to learn in a vacuum. Additionally, Constant Contact’s Partners can utilize a suite of solutions to help them add revenue to their bottom line.

  • http://twitter.com/bluehornetemail BlueHornet

    Social media is a powerful engagement channel that can work successfully in tandem with email. The move toward adding more social features within ESPs is a natural progression. Email remains a strong interactive messaging delivery channel, but that doesn’t mean it should remain stagnant. This is really what drove us to join forces with Shoutlet, a social media management platform.

    SocialLoop is an integrated social media acquisition, distribution and email marketing solution that combines BlueHornet’s advanced segmentation and lifecycle messaging capabilities with Shoutlet’s customer-level social network acquisition, tracking, and reporting tools. It helps marketers quickly become more strategic about their email programs as well as their social media campaigns by providing a more comprehensive view of socially engaged consumers and by making it easy to engage individual social followers uniquely–based on their interests, behavior, and brand relationship. Check it out here: http://www.bluehornet.com/socialloop and http://www.shoutlet.com.

    Susan Tull
    VP Marketing

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for adding that comment Susan. Normally we would remove promotional links but in this case, i guess the readers would like to go and see what it’s all about. When did you acquire SocialLoop?

      • http://twitter.com/bluehornetemail BlueHornet

        Thanks, Jordie. SocialLoop is not an acquisition; rather, it is a solution jointly developed between BlueHornet and Shoutlet. We introduced SocialLoop back in August 2010 to good initial and ongoing client adoption.