SimplyCast - junio 23, 2014

SimplyCast New Contact Manager for Lead nurturing & Contact management

SimplyCast recently announced the impending launch of Version 8.7 of its email marketing software application. One of its features is a new Contact Manager. The SimplyCast Contact Manager’s functionality and features are based largely on requests and feedback from SimplyCast customers.

The SimplyCast Contact Manager

The Contact Manager, as the name suggests, enables users of the email marketing platform to manage their (email) contacts and track the history, behavior and preferences of all contacts. It also allows for lead nurturing so users can learn about their leads and convert them into loyal customers.

Using the Contact Manager, users can view any individual contact’s activity, and set up marketing tasks and timelines for that contact as well as add notes that provide more information about the contact.

Lead scoring with the new SimplyCast version

According to SimplyCast, Email marketers can score their leads — that is, rank them according to how engaged they are with the user’s content. Users score each lead with a number, helping keep track of exactly how active they are and how much focus should be placed on them. Lead scoring can be an automated or manual process.

Email marketers using the SimplyCast email platform also can rate leads depending on whether they are considered to be a hot lead, based on the data gathered about them. Scoring leads makes it easier to know which ones to focus on, and increases sales and marketing effectiveness.

In addition, users will be able to add and move leads in their pipeline manually or automatically. SimplyCast 360 can automate the process so that it can move leads through different stages of a user’s pipeline. Users who prefer to manually add a lead to their pipeline or move a lead who is already in the pipeline can use the Pipeline Editor. The Contact Manager will always show which stage of the pipeline the lead is in, to prevent users from losing track.

With the improved functionality of the Contact Manager, users are able to manage all of their contact data and nurture and manage leads and track behavior. Users can track anonymous visitors to their site, even those who don’t sign up for anything or interact with the site content. This provides a more complete picture of who is on the site and what they are doing while they’re there.

SimplyCast also integrates with third-party CRM systems, if data is stored elsewhere, a user can still take advantage of the tools in their marketing and sales processes.

Users still can set up multi-user accounts, which enables different users to work on the same marketing campaign or newsletter with varying levels of permissions. The main account holder, who controls and sets the permission for the other accounts, is always on top of who has access to which functions and which parts of the campaign or process.

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