Salesforce ExactTarget launches new version of Journey Builder

Launched recently, the new ExactTarget Journey Builder is designed to plan, personalise and optimise 1:1 customer interactions across various channels and devices in the customer journey. It features a simplified interface and new functions to help marketers further understand and capitalise on consumer engagement.

Salesforce ExactTarget about their customer journey builder

As marketers face challenges to communicate effectively with their customers across a range of channels and provide connected, customer experiences, the updated Journey Builder is designed for businesses move from the delivered campaign to a more personalised and targeted customer journey.

Watch the Journey Builder demo video

Scott McCorkle, CEO, Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud said, “With Journey Builder, marketers now have the ability to get a more complete view of their customers, identify where they are in the journey with their brand, optimise every point of interaction on that journey, and measure the impact of all customer communications.”

With the next version of Journey Builder, marketers will be able to:

  • Plan the Customer Journey using Journey Maps – a drag-and-drop interface for mapping the path customers will experience with a brand across email, mobile, social, Web and connected devices. It can also measure performance and optimise for best results.
  • Personalise the Customer Journey with Journey Triggers – Predict and automatically deliver with the promise of right message, channel, and timing for customer experience by setting up predictive intelligence triggers. Journey Triggers can also be set up to generate content and offers based on predetermined consumer behaviour, such as an abandoned shopping cart or a product purchase.
  • Monitor the Customer Journey with Journey Metrics – Monitor the effectiveness of interactions and visualise which channels, messages and times are performing best, beyond clicks and Web conversions. Marketers will be able to track and test parts of the journey in real time using behavioural data, such as purchases, downloads, loyalty achievements and app usage.
  • Salesforce ExactTarget Journey Builder Pricing & Availability

    ExactTarget Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder is already available. Journey Maps, Journey Triggers and Journey Metrics are expected to be available in Q3 2015. A subscription licence starts at $5,000, alongside tiered pricing based on the number of messages sent.

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