Return Path partners with Russian email providers

Return Path has partnered with Russia’s largest mailbox providers, Mail.Ru and Yandex.Mail, whose combined users account for more than 90% of all consumer mailboxes in Russia. This will let senders of permissioned email apply for Return Path Certification to facilitate delivery of their messages to Russian consumers’ inboxes.

Anti-spam, anti-fraud network

Both mailbox providers have joined the Return Path Trusted Cooperative Network. According to return Path, they will contribute and gain access to worldwide anti-spam and anti-fraud intelligence and analysis designed to reduce abusive email originating from and entering their networks.

Eye on deliverability

For email marketers whose data management standards and sending reputations qualify for Return Path Certification and inclusion on Return Path’s whitelist of trusted senders, the program’s availability in Russia improves their ability to deliver messages to Russian subscribers’ inboxes.

For Yandex.Mail and Mail.Ru, participation in the Return Path Certification program and access to the Certified Whitelist, speeds inbox placement decision making and enables them to focus more of their technological resources on filtering potentially abusive messages, Return Path noted.

Email reputation

In addition to using Return Path’s whitelist to identify good senders, both Mail.Ru and Yandex.Mail will be using Return Path’s Outbound Abuse Manager to detect and stop spam and fraud originating from within their networks. To detect and block abusive email coming from other networks, they will use Return Path’s Reputation Network Blacklist and its global mailstream analysis to identify sources of suspicious messages.

Return Path DMARC-based service

To combat inbound phishing and spoofing of well-known brands, Return Path is making its DMARC-based solution, Domain Protect for Mailbox Providers, available to both mailbox providers, with the DMARC standard already operational at Mail.Ru. Yandex.Mail has been using its own DMARC implementation.

DMARC, which stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance, is a technical specification that enables senders and receivers to enforce email authentication measures against phishing, and to report on it.

Return Path’s cooperative network helps mailbox providers manage and protect more than 2.5 billion mailboxes across the globe, approximately 70% of the worldwide total. Mail.Ru and Yandex.Mail join a collaborative group of 80+ mailbox providers who work together through Return Path. ExpertSender is the First Approved Reseller for Return Path’s Certified Whitelist in Russia.

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