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03 Nov
ACTITO improves mobile, transactional and e-commerce integrations

ACTITO released a major update with their End of summer release. Rolled out over the last three months the newest version of the platform includes improvements on the mobile functionalities – both SMS and push notifications – and new transactional email and e-commerce offerings.   Read more

14 Sep
Mapp Digital the new brand for Teradata and Bluehornet

The new combination of BlueHornet Networks and the digital marketing-related applications business purchased from Teradata Corporation in July by Marlin Equity now has a new name and brand: Mapp Digital   Read more

12 Sep
Mailjet makes coding responsive email easy with MJML markup language

Mailjet launched MJML, a framework that replaces traditional email coding with a new and simpler markup language and thus makes responsive email coding easier.   Read more

06 Sep
Bronto’s Native Recommendations through Browse Recovery and Predictor

Commerce marketing platform Bronto Software has two recent app releases you might have missed, but are worth a closer look: Browse Recovery and Predictor these can help to target your email marketing messages to almost buyers and give product recommendations based on inventory and product information.   Read more

30 Ago
New DatabaseApp & Sender Domains added to Copernica MarketingSuite

Recently Copernica added new Database and sender domain management functionalities to their MarketingSuite. Their DatabaseApp let users manage and structure their data that also provides insight into the data and segments they can use. With sender Domains DNS records can be configured, checked. It rotates DKIM keys and adds DMARC reporting.   Read more

10 Ago
SmartFocus adds (User Generated) Smart Content to their Message Cloud

Add User Generated Content to your email in combination with branded content. SmartFocus officially released Smart Content as an addition to their Message Cloud cross-channel marketing platform.   Read more

27 Jul
New GetResponse marketing automation

GetResponse has been talking about their new Marketing Automation features since April. Today they officially released the beta of "GetResponse Marketing Automation". The key features of GetResponse Marketing Automation are tobuild automated campaigns, tagging and scoring as well as a visual campaign builder.   Read more

14 Jul
Understanding the IBM Marketing Cloud Roadmap

Dan Caro from Whereoware recently gave a webinar called “Simplifying the IBM Marketing Cloud Roadmap” explaining the changes and new IBM Marketing Cloud Roadmap. Below is a recap of the webinar walking through use cases for each tool.   Read more

30 Jun
emfluence’s Workflows, a step towards full automation

Emfluence has created a new workflow tool, in which marketers can use a drag-and-drop canvas editor to visually plan and lay out their marketing campaign flows. They can choose their existing automated emails and groups and view how their campaign will flow on a large canvas.   Read more

28 Jun
Emarsys CRM Ads makes Ad campaigns personal

With the new Emarsys CRM Ads it is possible to connect purchasing and behavioural data to advertising campaigns in real time. This new CRM Ads feature allows the marketer to use their CRM, purchase, and behavioural data from different channels e.g., mobile, web, email) to use in their advertising campaigns. This way marketers can target their offers and create personalised ads.   Read more

13 Jun
Intercom takes a different marketing automation route with Smart Campaigns

Intercom recently launched Smart Campaigns, their new marketing campaign flow creator. Intercom Smart Campaigns adapts the order of messages based on rules, recipient behavior and setting priorities, instead of using a visual canvas.   Read more

08 Jun
Delivra zooms in on Email Marketing Automation for eCommerce

Email marketing software provider Delivra has just launched a new package dedicated to e-commerce marketing automation. This version of their platform called Delivra Commerce, at the moment offers integrations with popular eCommerce platforms Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce. The solution allows for post-purchase and shopping cart abandonment email marketing campaigns.   Read more

06 Jun
First look at Adobe Campaign Predictive Subject Lines

Adobe recently unveiled their plans to add an email insights feature to the Adobe Campaign platform. The new automated subject line capability predicts open rates for emails and recommends content for subject lines in order for marketers to improve email performance.   Read more

17 May
GraphicMail is now SharpSpring Mail+

After more than a decade of providing email marketing solutions, GraphicMail is now SharpSpring Mail+, a new platform with extra marketing automation features.   Read more

11 May
ExpertSender makes split tests actionable with statistical significance feature

Email service provider ExpertSender is making split testing results visual and actionable. A new feature allows their users to know whether the results of their split tests are statistically significant and get suggestions for follow up directly from the email provider's interface.   Read more

14 Abr
MailPlus rolls out new Campaign Manager updates

The dutch Email service provider MailPlus rolled out a renewed campaign manager module, which is optimised and offers more functionality in terms of usability, campaign flow, more control of the campaigns and real-time reporting.   Read more

15 Feb
ONTRAPORT integrates Facebook Custom Audiences

ONTRAPORT offers a new integration between the marketing data held in the platform and their Facebook Ad program. That includes CRM, sales and marketing data, which can be used directly to target and update Facebook Custom Audiences.   Read more

14 Feb
Delivra Introduces new Drip Campaign Builder

Email marketing service provider and campaign consultancy firm Delivra has unveiled its new Drip Campaign Builder with the company’s latest platform launch. Delivra’s marketing automation Drip Campaign Builder functionality was developed over the last year and a half before launching to users last week.   Read more

01 Feb
ExpertSender’s Workflows, a new visual Marketing Automation Builder

With the recently added ExpertSender Workflows, users can lay out and execute complex email marketing campaigns though the use of a drag and drop canvas. This allows marketers to automate customer/subscriber life cycles according to a predefined sequence of events.   Read more

03 Ene
SendGrid extends their Email Marketing Campaigns feature set

Sendgrid announced the extention of SendGrid Marketing Campaigns, their email marketing feature set. Including engagement and list segmentation, a wizardless campaign workflow, subscriber management, A/B subject line and content testing, and campaign analytics features.   Read more

14 Dic
Fresh Relevance introduces personalized real-time coupon feature

Fresh Relevance introduces a new personalized coupon feature. The real-time coupons can be included in emails and on e-commerce sites. With the new feature, Fresh Relevance lets marketers and retailers personalise the content of coupons. These can be based the on the shopping behaviours of new visitors and current customers such as purchases and recent web browsing behaviour.   Read more

27 Nov
Delivra updates email software with new engagement calculation

Delivra, a digital marketing software and services company has recently updated features and updated modules of its platform. These include the addition of a customizable engagement calculation, drag and drop forms, email cloning and contact source tracking.   Read more

12 Nov
Action Rocket launches “TAXI for email” Email CMS

Email design agency Action Rocket just released TAXI for Email. Through Taxi, designers, editors, copywriters can create and edit emails with a visual interface and offering HTML safe exporting to the brand’s own email service provider.   Read more

05 Nov
Litmus launches Instant Previews and Checklist

Litmus recently announced a series of new features making it easier to test your emails including instant previews. These new features can save time in the email creation and testing process, making email production more efficient.   Read more

03 Nov
New platform features for MessageGears

MessageGears recently launched a range of new features and functionality to their hybrid marketing platform. New platform features released include shared content, multi-recipient preview and pause/resume/cancel options.   Read more

28 Oct
Maropost Launches Landing Page Functionality

Users of the Maropost platform are now able to create, launch and manage custom landing pages.   Read more

13 Oct
Maropost first to launch Facebook Lead Ads integration

Maropost is one of the first companies to launch and integration with Facebook Lead Ads, The integration with the native Facebook forms, allows data to flow between Maropost and Facebook.   Read more

12 Oct
New campaign management platform Realcampaign ready for take-off

RealCampaign is a completely platform to hit the campaign management and execution software market. The software is built based with a "drag and drop philosophy".   Read more

18 Sep
Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud, the new Emarsys platform

Emarsys announced their newly re-designed Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud platform and brand. The announcement comes with news of international expansion and a $33M series A funding round. We take a look at the features that have changed with the new B2C Marketing Cloud release.   Read more

14 Sep
Goolara Adds Automation Workflow Feature to Symphonie

Goolara introduced a new marketing automated workflow feature to its Symphonie email marketing software. with Automated Workflows marketers can create drip campaigns, shopping cart abandonment processes, follow-up campaigns and other automated campaigns through the user interface.   Read more

31 Ago
optivo (Episerver) adds Push Notifications as additional channel

optivo recently unveiled push notifications as the newest channel in its cloud-based platform optivo broadmail. Called "optivo Mobile Push", it allows marketers can reach their audience at any time with notifications on their corporate mobile app.   Read more

14 Ago
Dotmailer adds lead scoring, landing page builder and Liquid script

Dotmailer just rolled out their third release of 2015 with three main new features. Introducing lead soring to manage leads and customers based on their suitability and engagement with a brand. Allowing to build custom landing pages in dotmailer and an update to the EasyEditor for advanced personalization on landingpages and in email marketing messages.   Read more

05 Ago
Pure360 debutes their new Drag and Drop editor

UK-based email and SMS marketing vendor, Pure360, just rolled out their new Drag & Drop email campaign Editor. Have a look at the video and short interview we did with Pure360.   Read more

29 Jul
GetResponse boosts opens with new send time optimization

Email service provider GetResponse recently released a new feature in their tooling called “Perfect Timing”. Perfect Timing optimizes the send time of emails to arrive at the time individual subscribers are most likely to open them.   Read more

25 Jun
Godaddy starts Express Email Marketing Service for SMB’s

Godaddy starts Express recently launched an email marketing service for Small and medium business and their own current client base. The integrated service is a result from GoDaddy's acquisition of Mad Mimi last august.   Read more

18 May
Free Email Newsletter Editor BEE Now Embeddable

MailUp has upgraded their free email newsletter editor BEE and introduced the BEE Plugin, an embeddable version. BEE Free is the free email newsletter editor version of MailUp's drag-and-drop editor for creating responsive emails.   Read more

04 May
Autopilot brings Simple Marketing Automation to market

The company formerly known as Bislr and AutopilotHQ has relaunched as Autopilot. They position themselves in the pretty crowded space between a straightforward email service providers and high-end, high-price marketing automation solutions.   Read more

30 Abr
ActiveCampaign Updates Email Marketing Interface and Automation

ActiveCampaign has released several feature updates to their email marketing platform, including changes to the user interface, the workflow for automated emails, and how deals are assigned to sales. reps.   Read more

17 Abr
New Marketo Enhancements Improve Mobile, Sales and Social Ad Targeting

Marketo is adding 4 new product enhancements to Marketo Calendar, Mobile Engagement, Sales Insight and Ad Bridge. Designed to add more to mobile and cross-channel capabilities of the platform.   Read more

16 Abr
PostUp offers full Return Path Integration baked into their platform

PostUp now offers the Return Path Email Optimization suite directly integrated and accessible from the platform UI. Through that, clients can use the full range of Return Path's deliverability tools. Managing campaigns, optimizing deliverability, and analyzing results all from with PostUp.   Read more

10 Abr
Email marketing companies MessageGears and BrightWave partner up

Hybrid email marketing technology provider MessageGears has announced a partnership with email marketing agency BrightWave. The partnership brings together MessageGears technology offering with BrightWave’s creative and strategic services.   Read more

31 Mar
AWeber no longer requires opt-in on import and adds unicode

AWeber no longer requires opt-in on import and adds unicode to their platform. Making moving lists easier and allowing to send emails with foreign characters.   Read more

01 Mar
V12 Group launches their redesigned Launchpad Marketing platform

V12group recently launched the newly redesigned Launchpad Marketing Cloud, which brings together several marketing solutions designed to manage existing customer relationships and identify new prospects via access to The V12 Group Data Cloud.   Read more

05 Feb
MesssageSystems acquires Port25 PowerMTA

MessageSystems acquired Port25 Solutions and with that the the email delivery software product PowerMTA (PMTA). Len Shneyder answers some burning questions.   Read more

27 Ene
Dotmailer’s new release: Multichannel marketing & marketing automation

Dotmailer introduced new Multichannel Marketing features and extended their Automation with new extensions and nodes with their latest release. Mobile responsive surveys are now available as well as more functionality for the dotmailer Salesforce and Magento connectors.   Read more

21 Ene
New MailUp list building tools and form builder released

With their new release of their email marketing software, MailUp added new list building functionality, including a drag and drop form builder, button creation tool and pop-up form integration with Padiact.   Read more

14 Ene
Adobe Marketing cloud shows new dynamic emails and 1 click shopping

Adobe unveiled several new additions to the Adobe Marketing Cloud during the NFR Big Show 2015 this week. These include contextually relevant emails, shoppable media experiences, and new integrations across Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions aimed to enable retailers to engage with consumers in a more personalized and relevant manner.   Read more

08 Ene
Bronto Software adds new features to their pop-up subscription manager

Marketers always want more email subscribers. With the new version of the Bronto Pop-Up Manager recently released, several new features were added. The Pop-Up Manager is madfe to give marketers a visual editor for creating, testing and managing pop-up sign-up forms.   Read more

19 Dic
E-goi now offers free SMS pack with email plans

E-goi has now included a free SMS pack for their current clients. Stimulating the use of the SMS function in their email platform. Email marketers can now send a volume of SMS integrated with any email campaign at no extra cost.   Read more

04 Dic
Webpower adds persuasion profiling technology with PersuasionAPI

Through the acquisition of Science Rockstars, the email marketing automation service provider Webpower acquires the technology and knowledge in the field of persuasion profiling (also called PersuasionAPI).   Read more

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