Octeth Oempro - julio 31, 2014

Octeth launches Multi-threaded Send Engine plug-in

Released on 17 July, Octeth launched a new Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin for their self hosted email marketing solution Oempro.

Large volume email campaigns generated on time

Email marketers that send out large volumes of emails can now cut down on the amount of time it takes to deliver campaigns through Oempro. Instead of the normal 1 thread sending, the plugin can activate multiple send engine workers at the same time. When an email marketer is sending a single campaign, this increasing email delivery speed to your MTA and can substantially boost send rate performance originating from one machine.

Faster sending for high-volume senders

By controlling and adjusting the number of open threads, email senders can improve performance and shorten the amount of time it takes to send email campaigns. Making it more useful for ESPs and high-volume senders. Octeth Oempro is a locally installed (self hosted) email solution. Campaigns can be monitored in the admin area, where delivery progress, average performance benchmarks and active users are displayed on a single page. It is also possible to customise the look and feel of the plugin.

Performance benchmark comparison

To illustrate the email sending capabilities of this plugin, the Octeth team showed the following benchmark on a standard virtualbox with 1 core CPU, 512MB RAM, CentOS and PowerMTA. When sending out emails to 75,000 recipients, the single threaded send engine delivered 18 emails per second, compared with 98 emails per second on a 10-thread send engine. Watch the video below.

Octeth’s Multi-threaded Send Engine

To run the plugin email marketers will need Oempro v4.6.4 or higher, the plugin requires a one-time licence fee payment. The PHP files of this plugin are loncube encrypted but they can be translated into other languages.

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