MailChimp - junio 10, 2014

New API functions added to MailChimp email marketing software

MailChimp added new functionality to their email marketing platform API. The changes and additions include:

New segmentation options

The segmentation options that were already available via the interface with the release of MailChimp v9.0 are now also added to the API. This includes segmenting your emails on “was sent” or “was not sent” for subscriber activity, revamped e-commerce segmentation, and added options to segment against empty merge fields.

Tracking website events with MailChimp Goal

Mailchimp added “Goal” a way to track your subscribers’ activity on your website. This allows users to segment their list and trigger automated messages based on the pages they viewed. The Goals that subscribers have completed are now visible via the API. Also users can now record new Goal events via the API.

Email responses with Mailchimp Conversations

The API can provide a list of all available conversations, list individual messages, and reply to a specific message. The feature called MailChimp Conversations will let users manage email campaign replies in one place, now also via API integration.

Manage gallery folders with the Mailchimp API

File management via the API has changed. In v9.2 of the Mailchimp platform, the File Manager was redesigned. New API methods are added for creating and deleting folders as well as organizing files by moving them in or out of folders. There is no support for adding new files to the gallery yet.

Include drag and drop templates

Now you can create campaigns with filter for drag and drop templates through the API. Though they’re not editable via the API.

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