Movable Ink adds Responsive Design for Inkbrush & agileEMAIL

Movable Ink, who we know from their dynamic email marketing tools, recently added their latest innovation. Marketers can go from campaign concept to email-compliant HTML by generating fully responsive email templates. The new responsive design tool has been built into their and is available for all email marketers.

Inkbrush and agileEMAIL

Back in January 2014, the company announced the acquisition of Mailrox, whose technology was the basis of and also incorporated it into their agileEMAIL solution. Inkbrush is a hosted email design and coding solution.


Going from Image to Responsive email

From uploading templates, marketers can send emails that render optimized formats and content for desktops, mobile phones, and tablet devices. The same capabilities are also implemented in agileEMAIL, Movable Ink’s email software platform that allows marketers to optimize, target, and personalize emails at the moment of open.

Movable Ink reports that the service is already quite popular: “Inkbrush is in high demand with thousands of emails created by its users each month.”

Key functionalities of Inkbrush

The key functionalities of Inkbrush their new responsive design solution include:

  • Automatic email-compliant HTML code generation
  • Create re-usable responsive email templates
  • Device detection for optimal email experience
  • Email compatibility reports on major email clients
  • Hosted email design for desktop and mobile templates
  • Build your emails from HTML, PSD, JPG, PNG, or Gif files
  • Email version control for mobile and desktop
  • Centralized link and content management for email
  • Seamless integration with other email service providers

Responsive design for email is hot

“One of the hottest topics we get asked about is responsive design for email,” said Vivek Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO of Movable Ink.

“We’re excited to offer marketers a bulletproof solution to design and code their emails, ensuring they are optimized for the device a subscriber uses to read it. It is a great complement to agileEMAIL’s real-time content and email optimization capabilities, and a new tool for marketers to add to their toolbox. Marketers want to spend less time writing code and more time bringing their creative ideas to life. Our goal was to make it easier for marketers to take their email designs and turn them into actionable HTML. Inkbrush is the next step to help them do just that.”

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