Message Systems Momentum 4: New Analytics, Email Generation & API

The launch of Message Systems Momentum 4 was announced, the latest version of their cross-channel messaging platform. With Momentum 4, Message Systems digital messaging platform now provides real-time insight into engagement data, adds cloud-enabled APIs, message generation and templating for their digital messaging software for cloud-based businesses and large enterprises.

Enagement reporting and analytics features in Message System Momentum 4

Momentum 4 provides marketers and email delivery professionals with real-time access to messaging and engagement data through a redesigned user interface. Users can now view the success of their campaigns, export data for analysis, and take immediate action instead more easily directly through Momentum 4 instead of waiting for reports from providers that may not arrive until days later.

message systems momentum 4 Analytics

According to Message systems, this reduces the expense and costly delays associated with delivery problems and performance issues that can result in blacklisting, wasted hours poring through log files, and the need for direct outreach to ISPs for resolution.

Phillip Merrick, CEO of Message Systems commented on the launch: “With today’s announcement Message Systems further widens the gap between Momentum and commodity commercial email products on the market today. Today’s announcement solidifies Momentum as the platform of choice for companies who want to gain a competitive edge through superior deliverability, performance and customer insight.”

Message Systems already sends more than 2.5 trillion messages a year — 20% of the world’s legitimate email according to the tech company.

Added APIs and message generation for Message System Momentum 4

Several new email and data APIs including injection, stored template and aggregate reporting APIs are now supported. Organizations that would have build connectors manually in the past, won’t have to.

The addition of new message generation and template management capabilities to the platform now lets marketers take control of their brand consistently across all digital messaging operations without requiring developer support, while engineering focuses on calling the appropriate APIs. Message Systems Momentum 4.0 integrates with many enterprise CRM, CMS or BI applications.


“With the release of Momentum 4.0, Message Systems is keeping its edge as the top-tier platform for enterprise-class senders,” said Jack Hogan, chief technology officer at Lifescript. “The analytical and data integration capabilities in the new platform will help email senders become more effective in creating compelling campaigns, reaching the inbox and engaging customers.”

David Daniels, founder and CEO at The Relevancy Group added:  “The complexity of email marketing only continues to increase as marketers aspire to centralize customer data, optimize mailings and meet emerging challenges such as mobile rendering. The vendors that will win the email marketer’s business are those that demonstrate elegant, scalable, efficient, and effective capabilities to integrate with multiple data sources and address those complexities.”

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