Maropost - febrero 27, 2019

Maropost launches Maropost for Commerce

Maropost recently launched Maropost for Commerce. The platform provides e-commerce companies with a web store together with a marketing automation in a single platform.

Ecommerce marketers can publish multiple storefronts (read: websites) on one instance and manage them from within the application. It should have a common client database, because the application promises to track total customer value across all stores.

Storefronts in Maropost for Commerce

Setting up the customer facing side of the shop, Marpost for Commerce it is aiming at DIY builder type implementations. Marketers can use of (store) templates and have a DIY builder at their disposal to create the storefront(s).

The product management allows for multiple product types in one catalogue like digital, physical products and recurring subscriptions as well.

There a piece inventory management to manage multiple inventory locations with automated inventory allocation. You can configure product variants, colors, sizes etc and it should handle those pesky SKU’s.

The Maropost for Marketing and Commerce are two separate tools but the cloud provider assured us that the data flows back and forth seamlessly and the tool offers an overview into a customer’s touchpoints, communications and purchase history.

Marketers can use the data to launch specific re-engagement campaigns to target customers who abandon cart, or for upselling, cross-selling or replenishment.

As more is known about the customer behavior (clicking on emails, purchasing products) the platform is said to “start to smartly segment and make suggestions” for what type of content the customer should receive. It’s called Da Vinci, it is said there is artificial intelligence involved. It is said to be a cool thing.

What else is in the box?

The first ever to…

A true bold claim from the press release is that it is the ”first built-in-house platform to unify marketing and commerce”, well… that might just be PR talk. We are just pointing it out, but you make up your own mind what you think of it. (and please do post a comment 😀 )

Ross Andrew Paquette, founder and CEO of Maropost adds, without blinking: “Maropost for Commerce simplifies customer engagement with the only truly unified platform to marry marketing with commerce. Our best-in-class marketing is the first to put actionable data directly into marketers’ hands, enabling meaningful, continued conversation with customers to increase lifetime value.”

More power to you Ross, way to stick it to the rest of the class!

Availability of Maropost for commerce

Maropost assured us that MP for ecommerce is available now. As it is very fresh there were no launching customers named… yet. But we’ll update and try to get some real screenshots etc as the story unfolds.

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